Appleton Club's Live Shows Hit's "No Drink Minimum"
"....kyline Comedy Café’s live show recordings can now been seen on Comedy Central’s official site. Stand-up comedy’s most “global” online stage now features videos recorded at Skyline by longtime recording partner Rooftop Comedy, who recently partnered with Comedy Central to present the new online original series “No Drink Minimum: Clips Straight From the Comedy Club.” Rooftop also distributes content to and has partnerships with NBC, TBS, CMT, Yahoo!, MSN and AOL. The new partnership will s... [Read More]
Rob Brackenridge, Mike Merryfield: Double-Your-Trouble Comedy Christmas
Christmas Week in Appleton is getting all shook up with not one, but TWO hometown comedy heroes taking the stage December 22-23 and 25-26. Rob Brackenridge returns from sunny California to share the stage this week with Appleton-based headliner Mike Merryfield for back-to-back comedy acts that’ll leave you grinning in the comical spirit of Christmas. Skyline Comedy is open Christmas Day for two must-see events, plus a special show at 8pm Sunday, December 26. (We knew you’d need someplace to cart... [Read More]
TJ Miller Returns to Skyline Comedy Stage in January
Fresh off a memorable live performance and guest interview on CONAN this week, comedian and film/TV actor TJ Miller – a longtime Skyline Comedy favorite – will return to the Appleton stage January 19-22, 2011, 8 months after his sold-out Northeast Wisconsin sets in spring 2010. There’s been much ado about everything since he stoked our comedy flames, too. TJ’s latest two flicks hit theaters this month -3 -D movie “Yogi Bear,” starring Dan Akroyd and Justin Timberlake, on Dec. 17 and Jack Black a... [Read More]
Lawsuit between Appleton's Skyline Comedy Cafe and Neenah's Comedy Quarter reaches settlement | Appleton Post Crescent
Dueling civil claims that pitted owners of two rival Fox Valley comedy clubs against one another in court were settled without a trial. An Outagamie County judge recently dismissed the case involving owners of Appleton's Skyline Comedy Cafe and Neenah's Comedy Quarter upon receipt of a settlement agreement. Terms of the agreement weren't disclosed. The case was scheduled to go to trial in April. Erik Pless, the attorney for Comedy Quarter co-owner Pat Szalanski, declined to discuss the agreement... [Read More]
Skyline Comedy Becomes National Site for Laughing Skull Festival
Laughs don’t fall far from Appleton, Wisconsin. Skyline Comedy announces that it has been chosen as an official Laughing Skull Festival venue for 2010-2011. At 8pm on Wednesday, November 17, Skyline Comedy will feature a schedule of national comedians that will soon be announced. Appleton’s long-running comedy venue is just one of 29 national stand-up venues that will host the first round of the competition, and one of just two in the state.... [Read More]
Collin Moulton: 'Comedian vs. Wild'
In an "Off Road" guest blog, Collin Moulton fights terrorizing opossums and nearly hits swimming cows, in the stix of Missouri... "As I laid in my little wilderness bed, the night animals–Jim not included–began to forage, argue, and stumble. My senses were on high alert. I didn’t know what lurked in the woods of southern Missouri and I definitely don’t want “I Shouldn’t Be Alive” to be my first TV credit." Read the rest at [Read More]
Nikki Glaser: I’m Keeping Things Loose
Don’t let Nikki Glaser‘s winsome smile fool you. The girl packs a poignant potty mouth when a situation calls for it. Which, of course, it most often does for someone who’s been a stand-up comic since their teendom. Not for the uptight tea-and-crumpets crowds, Nikki’s comedy spans “sex on the first date” to a do-it-yourself Brazilian wax. Nikki dove headfirst into stand-up out of high school, so while earning her English degree at U of Kansas the funny girl made good on her comedic aspiration... [Read More]
Comedian Mo Mandel: Weird Hippy Jew | BEHIND THE MIC
It’s not like Mo Mandel was raised by wolves. His parents were hippies who brought up a young “Mohan” in the woods of Northern California. So what if he was bar mitzvahed to the beats of a native American drum lord. Mo’s colorful “weird-Jewish” upbringing is just one notch on the “Chelsea Lately” comedian’s well-worn belt. [Read More]
Michael Loftus - You've Changed | Skyline Comedy Behind The Mic
A lot has happened since summer, when Michael Loftus last pointed his wagon to Wisconsin and unloaded his unique, laugh-riotous brand of observational comedy on the Skyline Comedy Cafe masses. Like, oh, a little 1-hour special that Comedy Central Presents aired in September. "You've Changed" is 60 minutes spent at the climax of Michael's sarcastically charged rollercoaster ride round the matrimonial landscape.. [Read More]