Those Times ‘Don’t Get Me Started’ Got Started on Improv
If doing improv is your dream, there’s never been a better time to be alive. There are more resources than ever to consume if you want to learn how to do great improv: dozens of theaters, hundreds of teachers, books and blogs to read, hours of shows to watch on YouTube, and a myriad of [&helli... [Read More]
The Inside Story of Whiplash, One of New York's Best and Most Influential Standup Shows
by Elise Czajkowski "Whiplash is like a magical kingdom where laughs run free and jelly beans are the main form of currency," says comedian Aparna Nancherla, of UCB's late night standup show. For half a decade, Whiplash has consistently proven itself as an exciting and eclectic show that stands out ... [Read More]
“On The Cusp, Off The Cuff,” a documentary film about improv comedians in NYC and the UCB
Improv. Say that one word in comedy circles and you'll see a multitude of reactions. OK. Mostly likely one of three: Love. Hate. Indifference. Or maybe even something that's along the spectrum that connects those three. Who decides to pursue a life or career in improv comedy, what are their motivati... [Read More]
Anthony King: Some Things I Learned As the Artistic Director of the UCB Theatre
No one really knows what they’re talking about. No one really knows what they want. Make what you think is funny, do everything you can to find an audience that also thinks it’s funny, and never stop. The rest will take care of itself. [Read More]
Del Close Marathon Countdown - Anthony King interview | from the Back of the Room
Throughout the week leading up to the 11th annual Del Close Marathon in New York, improv folks from all perspectives enlighten us with their expectations for this weekend's 3-day improv extravaganza. Today, Upright Citizen's Brigade Theatre NYC Artistic Director - and the man behind the DCM schedule - Anthony King. [Read More]