Allen Strickland Williams goes on “Conan” to tell 10 jokes
Allen Strickland Williams was the guest comedian on Conan the other night. He used the opportunity to tell 10 jokes.… MORE Allen Strickland Williams goes on “Conan” to tell 10 jokes appeared first on The Laugh Button.... [Read More]
Allen Strickland Williams on Conan
Allen Strickland Williams had 10 more jokes to tell on Tuesday night’s Conan, and he wonders why nobody puts cocaine in their Coca-Cola, Missy Elliott’s mortgage and more. Roll the clip. [Read More]
Coming To The Stage gets renewed for seasons 2 and 3
It’s been about 24 hours since the new stand-up series, Coming To The Stage premiered, but in that brief time we’ve already learned that the show has been picked up for two more seasons. Comedy Dynamics made the announcement last night at the premiere party for the show and the details w... [Read More]
Is “Conan” the only stand-up TV credit that matters most now?
There are so many places to see stand-up comedy on TV and online during this digital comedy boom, that it certainly has become difficult to know what credits even matter any longer. As Grant Pardee notes in a piece today for Paste Magazine: "It was funny to see Madonna perform stand-up on The Tonigh... [Read More]
Comedy Dynamics launches new stand-up comedy series, “Coming To The Stage”
Dan Levy hosts the first ever original series from Comedy Dynamics showcasing a new generation of comics to watch. Coming to the Stage is a weekly series that will be launching May 6th. It’s all about new faces, new stages, and new comedians. The six episode series launches on all Comedy ... [Read More]
Dan Levy hosting “Coming To The Stage,” new stand-up showcase for Comedy Dynamics
Stand-up showcases aren't just for cable TV anymore. A new series from Comedy Dynamics, Coming To The Stage, will spotlight aspiring comedians on a variety of streaming platforms when it debuts in May. Dan Levy hosts the six-episode series, which features a couple of comedians in each half-hour, beg... [Read More]
Watch WOMEN’s first IFC Comedy Crib sketch ‘Snipers’
Yesterday it was revealed that LA sketch group, WOMEN Comedy, would be moving to IFC. Starting today, the sketch group comprised of Allen Strickland-Williams, Dave Ross, Jake Weisman, and Pat Bishop will be releasing new sketches every week on’s Comedy Crib. Check out their IFC debut s... [Read More]