Jonah Ray announces launch of new record label, Literally Figurative Records
Today, comedian Jonah Ray announced via Tumblr that he is launching a new comedy/music record label. According to Ray, his new label, Literally Figurative Records, will be launched via AST records and Ryan McManenim and Matt Belknap (who’s own label Ray had previously released an album under).... [Read More]
Bob Odenkirk's New Album 'Amateur Hour' Is Out November 25th
by Megh Wright Over the summer it was announced that Bob Odenkirk was taping his very first comedy album Amateur Hour, which will also include rising standup Brandon Wardell as an opening act both on the album and corresponding tour to promote Odenkirk's book of plays out next month A Load of Hooey.... [Read More]
Bill Burr's 'Live at Andrew's House' Is Out on Vinyl September 30th
by Megh Wright Comedy vinyl lovers can add a new album to their collection when Bill Burr releases Live at Andrew's House later this month. Recorded live at his November 2011 Carnegie Hall performance, Live at Andrew's House will given a special release on September 30th through Third Man Records on... [Read More]
Bill Burr to release “Live At Andrew’s House” on vinyl September 30th
On September 20th, Bill Burr will release a vinyl album, Live From Andrew’s House. Recorded live at Burr’s legendary 2011 Carnegie Hall performance and the folks at Third Man Records are pressing and putting the comedy out for sale. It’s a documentation of Burr’s performance ... [Read More]
Chris Turner is taping a stand-up special at the Hollywood Improv on September 11th
Hollywood folks listen up. British comedian Chris Turner is taping a new special in your neck of the woods and you should get yourself hooked up with free tickets so you can have your crowd laughs put on wax and immortalized. Case in point, Chris Turner is taping a new special for Comedy Dynamics on... [Read More]
Mark Normand “Still Got It” (review)
Who is Mark Normand? Well, he won Caroline Comedy Club’s March Madness competition, and he was voted the Village Voice’s “Top Comedian of 2013″ – yes, THAT Village Voice – the first alternative newspaper in the United States; the one that Norman Mailer co-founded.... [Read More]
Chris Laker “Moments of Greatness” (review)
In an interview with Cringe Humor, Chris Laker was asked how he would describe his comedy to someone who’s never seen his act. “I talk about grown-up sh*t,” Laker affirmed. Yes, he totally does. “I’ve made some life choices that maybe not everybody has done.” Yes,... [Read More]
Michael Cera released a surprise album, “True That” last night
Actor Michael Cera has some not-so-secret musical talent. Having previously shown off some of his musical abilities in films like Juno and Scott Pilgrim vs. the World, Cera released a surprise album last night. How very Beyonce of him. Available to listen on his Bandcamp, the album is called “... [Read More]
Kris Tinkle “Maybe I Don’t Feel Like Smiling” (review)
Kris Tinkle begins his new album to a round of applause…before quickly telling everyone in the crowd to “simmer down” because he’s “gotta earn it.”  A true workhorse that knows struggle, Tinkle takes us through a comedic adventure that is part social comment... [Read More]
Neko White: The Intro of the Whole Story
At fourteen years old, a teenager is getting ready for high school.  Trying out for sports, joining after school clubs, and starting to date are things one does commonly at that age.  For Neko White, being fourteen also meant becoming a stand-up comedian.  After seven years in, the no... [Read More]