Chris Gethard on the importance of interacting with fans of The Chris Gethard Show
The Chris Gethard Show prides itself on having as much loyalty to its fans as the fans do to the show. On last week’s live broadcast on truTV, Gethard locked himself in a clear box for a stunt in which guest Matt Walsh (Veep) had to convince fans to answer revealing questions via phone and [&h... [Read More]
Episode #202: Brandon Rogers
Brandon Rogers is a YouTube star with four million subscribers and one Streamy Award to his credit. He has starred in two webseries, Sam and Stuff for Facebook, and Magic Funhouse for Fullscreen. Brandon was a New Face at Just For Laughs in 2017, and he stopped by my studio while he’s on his f... [Read More]
Episode #200: Bo Burnham
Bo Burnham is the quintessential YouTube comedy star. While still a teen, Bo went from recording funny songs in his bedroom to best-selling artist with Comedy Central. Burnham become a successful touring stand-up comedian as well as an actor, appearing on the big screen in Funny People and The Big S... [Read More]
Episode #199: Rachel Bloom with Dan Gregor
Rachel Bloom is the creator and star of Crazy Ex-Girlfriend on The CW, for which she has won the Golden Globe and the Critics Choice Award for best actress in a comedy series. Bloom’s first big break in musical comedy came in 2010, when she made a music video celebrating author Ray Bradbury. A... [Read More]
Grace Helbig and Mamrie Hart launch a YouTube talk show: This Might Get…
Grace Helbig and Mamrie Hart are best comedy friends who have become YouTube stars (Helbig has 3 million subscribers; Hart, 1.2 million), written best-selling books (Grace’s Guide: The Art of Pretending to be a Grown-Up; You Deserve a Drink) and written and/or starred in their own TV shows (Th... [Read More]
Kevin Nealon’s Web Series ‘Hiking with Kevin’ Is a Pure Delight
Did you know that for the past few months, Kevin Nealon has been posting episodes of a very DIY web series on his YouTube channel called Hiking with Kevin? It’s a simple premise: Nealon goes on a hike with filmmakers, actors, musicians, and fellow comedians like Adam Sandler, Cheryl Hines, and... [Read More]
Chris Fleming Is Ready to Go Legit
I was patched into a conference call with comedian Chris Fleming, who was curious as to why our interview was even taking place. “I got an email that said Splitsider wanted to check in on me. It sounded like you guys were concerned, like a friend at a party,” he said. “Oh no, where... [Read More]
Episode #179: Jenn McAllister
Jenn McAllister has 3.1 million subscribers and counting on YouTube (plus another 1.9 million on Instagram and 2 million on Twitter), where she documents her life as jennxpenn. Jenn started uploading videos to YouTube when she was 12. At 16, she signed a deal with Awesomeness TV, then moved from Buc... [Read More]
Episode #178: Mark Feuerstein
Mark Feuerstein co-created, produces and stars in the new CBS sitcom 9JKL, which is loosely based on his real-life experience moving back to NYC to live next to his parents and brother while starring for eight seasons on the USA drama Royal Pains. Feuerstein began acting as a student and classmate o... [Read More]
Watch the trailer for Rob Hubel’s new series, “Do You Want To See A Dead Body?”
Rob Hubel has a new series that’s hitting Youtube Red. The Funny or Die produced special is called, Do You… MORE Watch the trailer for Rob Hubel’s new series, “Do You Want To See A Dead Body?” appeared first on The Laugh Button.... [Read More]