Paul Feig Wants Help Saving ‘Other Space,’ the Funniest Sci-Fi Comedy You’ve Never Seen
One of the countless memorable entries from the Onion’s satirical news compilation Our Dumb Century was the 1977 headline, “Elvis Dead. Is Elvis Alive?” It’s a quirky little existential paradox, and it neatly sums up the fate of Other Space, which ran for one short season on ... [Read More]
A Closer Look at the Increasingly Crazy End Tags From ‘Community’s Latest Season
Not everyone is rushing to change the channel at the end of a show. People don’t always want their station to hurriedly flip over to the next piece of programming and just get on with it. Some people — in fact, I’d wager a lot of them — savor the extra pieces of comedy goodne... [Read More]
Yahoo announces new comedy series The Pursuit
Yahoo unveiled 18 new projects including comedy, The Pursuit. The show is a new series about what it means to be in your late 20s in 2015 in Manhattan. It’s been described as an edgier, 21st century take on Friends in the era of social media. We follow a group of characters in pursuit of [&hel... [Read More]
I Bet I Would Really Like the Second Season of 'Other Space'
by Meredith Haggerty Recently I was in a bookstore, where I overheard one employee making fun of another’s embarrassing taste in comedy. “So you have like, a dumb sense of humor,” she said, “This is really revelatory.” The TV show she thought was so laughably bad was Br... [Read More]
Watch the trailer for Paul Feig’s new comedy Other Space coming to Yahoo! Screen
Imagine being trapped in an enclosed space with an assortment of your most trying coworkers. From the burnout to the airhead to the relentless optimist. Now imagine that you’re trapped in an enclosed space, that’s hurtling through a distant and as-yet-undiscovered galaxy. And with that, ... [Read More]
Watch the First Trailer for Paul Feig's Yahoo Series 'Other Space'
by Megh Wright Almost a year ago Yahoo ordered eight episodes of a new sci-fi comedy from Paul Feig called Other Space, and the streaming network released the first trailer today. The series stars Karan Soni, Eugene Cordero, Milana Vayntrub, Conor Leslie, Neil Casey, Trace Beaulieu, and Joel Hodgson... [Read More]
Basketball comedy Sin City Saints starring Tom Arnold and Malin Akerman debuts today on Yahoo! Screen
The Sin City Saints series premieres today on Yahoo! Screen. The show stars Tom Arnold (True Lies, Roseanne, Sons of Anarchy) and Malin Akerman (Childrens Hospital, Watchmen, Trophy Wife). The title is also the name of the Vegas-based pro-basketball team at the center of the... [Read More]
Community’s Yahoo! Screen season 6 trailer premiere
It’s back. And here is your first season 6 trailer for the new season of Community coming to Yahoo! Screen on March 17th. Community’s Yahoo! Screen season 6 trailer premiere appeared first on The Laugh Button.... [Read More]
Season 6 of “Community” gets a new home on Yahoo! Screen and premieres March 17th
Community, where to begin. After it’s debut on NBC in September of 2009, this show has earned it’s keep through some of the toughest means possible. Despite the critics and hard core fans’ love and support through the first 3 seasons, rumors circulated that the show would be cancel... [Read More]
Yahoo Confirms That Alison Brie Is Returning to 'Community' Next Year
by Megh Wright UPDATE: According to a rep at Yahoo, the rumors circulating about Brie not returning to Community next year are false. Thankfully, Yahoo has confirmed that the Community cast — including Brie — are all on board for next year. Dan Harmon also confirmed Brie's return on Twit... [Read More]