Adult Swim ad seeks “Sexy Female” for comedy special
Who says there aren’t opportunities for women in comedy on Adult Swim? A Craigslist ad appeared today offering $443 per day for a “SEXY FEMALE” with SAG-AFTRA union card between the ages of 25-55, “any ethnicity,” who’s willing to wear “bondage attire”... [Read More]
Lydia Towsey: how I discovered the Venus in me
From Botticelli to glossy magazines, women have been idealised and misrepresented for centuries. Performance poet Lydia Towsey reveals how her own near-fatal eating disorder set her on a path to explore new ways of looking at female bodiesBotticelli’s painting of the Birth of Venus was the fir... [Read More]
Tig Notaro Speaks Out on Louis C.K. Sexual Misconduct Rumors
Back in April, Tig Notaro revealed that she and Louis C.K. hadn’t spoken in a year and a half when she decided to speak up about Saturday Night Live allegedly ripping off her 2015 short film Clown Service in a sketch starring C.K. called “Birthday Clown.” In case you needed any mor... [Read More]
‘Rick and Morty’ Writers on Adult Swim’s Lack of Shows by Women: “I Don’t Think It’s Too Late to Change Things”
Rick and Morty recently kicked off its third season on Adult Swim, and three episodes in, it’s already received plenty of rave reviews online. Season 3 also marks the first time that Dan Harmon and Justin Roiland added women to their writing staff, and The Hollywood Reporter recently spok... [Read More]
'I had to relearn how to be funny': comedian Lou Conran on her show about baby loss
Lou Conran terminated her pregnancy after five months when she discovered her baby would not survive outside the womb. Now, she is telling her story at the Edinburgh fringe“Nobody has cried through the previews,” says Lou Conran, “so it can’t be that bad.” The standup, ... [Read More]
It’s Time for Male Allies in Comedy to Step Up
In 2015, just before his debut as host of The Late Show, Stephen Colbert penned a thoughtful article for Glamour asserting his intention to use his new platform as a way to celebrate women’s voices. Stating the obvious, he noted that “while there are many talented female comedians o... [Read More]
The State Of Women In Comedy According To One Woman In Comedy, by Sara Schaefer
This essay originally appeared on Medium and is republished here with permission by the author. What are female comics doing these days? What’s the situation? Did we solve it yet? I’d like to check in and take stock. But before I do that, I should say this: I’m just one lady and my... [Read More]
Iliza Shlesinger Came After Other Female Comics, and It Did Not Go Well
As the host of a new late night show on Freeform, Iliza Shlesinger has been having a very successful 2017 so far, but this week the standup has come under fire for some comments she made about women in comedy. It all started with an interview with Shlesinger Deadline posted on Monday, in which she&r... [Read More]
‘Three Women’: A New Short with an Old Method
From the opening frame, Three Women brought back the smell of Blockbuster Video. Not the smell of bulldozed drywall dust in 2007, the smell of candy and freshly vacuumed carpeting in 1996. From the lounge-y tinsel town score to its muted golden glow and perseverating dialogue, watching thi... [Read More]
Rachel Dratch Returns Home for the Women in Comedy Festival
Exactly one week before her homecoming, Rachel Dratch appeared on Saturday Night Live to reprise her role as Denise alongside Jimmy Fallon’s Sully, the “Boston teens.” The sketch saw the now-grown teens escorting their college-bound daughter (Kate McKinnon) on a tour of Harvar... [Read More]