Patton Oswalt on how essential comedy is for society in 2015
“I think it is the responsibility of comedians to remain as irresponsible as we can, in terms of mockery and language. Comedians, we’re not the guardians and we’re not the saviors but I think we are the safety valve. And so, we are there just saying the unsayable, saying the rude, ... [Read More]
This Is Stand-Up: Jim Gaffigan on tending to his crops of jokes
Jim Gaffigan is enjoying a stellar year: Performed for an audience awaiting Pope Francis, will perform at Madison Square Garden, too, and in between he and his wife successfully launched a TV Land series, The Jim Gaffigan Show, that's coming back for season two in 2016. But as Gaffigan tells Jessica... [Read More]
Hasan Minhaj on “This is Stand-Up”
Hasan Minhaj describes and reflects upon his winning audition for The Daily Show with Jon Stewart in a scene from his one-man show, Homecoming King, as seen here in Jessica Pilot's webseries, "This is Stand-Up." See more of "This is Stand-Up" in The Village Voice.... [Read More]
Colin Quinn, “Comedy is not cool. It shouldn’t be cool in my opinion.”
Some people see the world of comedy as one of the coolest professions a person can do. They make people laugh; they perform at bars, and overall have a good time. Colin Quinn, the recent subject of The Village Voice’s This Is Stand-Up feature states, “Comedy is not cool. It shouldn&rsquo... [Read More]
Comedy can never be cool, according to Colin Quinn
“Comedy is not cool. It shouldn’t be cool, in my opinion. Every time it gets cool, that’s bad…it should never be cool. Comedy is not the winner. Comedy is not the guy that gets laid. It’s the guy that doesn’t get laid. Comedy is not the gorgeous girl, comedy is t... [Read More]
Sam Morril featured in new Village Voice feature, “This is Stand-Up” (video)
The Village Voice just launched a great new feature called This Is Stand-Up which documents the life of a comedian for a day or so. In the first episode, a night in the life of veteran comedian Sam Morril is documented as he runs around New York City from between various comedy clubs in one [&hellip... [Read More]
“[Art] was my therapy, it was my creative outlet,” Che recalls. “Art takes so much practice. People will tell you you’re good before you are. They want to encourage you. Luckily for me, I never really bought into any of my hype. I always knew it took a lot of work for me to b... [Read More]
Paul Feig on the Decline of the Blockbuster Rom-Com
by Megh Wright As the current wisdom goes: Men are stubborn; women are flexible. "It's the 'Will you hold my purse?' theory," Feig explains. "A guy's in a store with his wife or girlfriend and she asks him to hold her purse, it's, like, Kryptonite or something. They have to hold it so that no one ar... [Read More]
Todd Barry to host Village Voice awards, pledges to take his anger out on winners
The Village Voice just announced that the host of their first annual Web Awards will be none other than smooth-voiced comedy god, Todd Barry. Now, if you’re one of the Todd’s 73,597 Twitter followers, you know that he expressed interest in participating in this award show earlier this month – as a nominee… [Read More]