Jordan Klepper Chats with Former Mexican President Vicente Fox on ‘The Opposition’
Here’s a clip from last night’s The Opposition, where Jordan Klepper sits down with former Mexican President Vicente Fox to discuss Donald Trump’s racist comments against Mexicans and the border wall and why he’s taken it upon himself to speak out against Trump on Twitter. &n... [Read More]
Comedians in the age of Trump
VICE News Tonight on HBO gathered a group of New York City comedians and let them conduct their own roundtable discussion about how much fun — or not so much fun — it is to tell jokes to audiences now that Donald Trump is in power. Watch and learn from Anthony Atamanuik, Dulce Sloan, Jud... [Read More]
Comedians address comedy in the age of Donald Trump for Vice News
It’s the job of a comedian to take a look at the world and provide their spin on it. When… MORE Comedians address comedy in the age of Donald Trump for Vice News appeared first on The Laugh Button.... [Read More]
5 Tips To Help Get You Booked On A Private Comedy Show
If you’re good, producers will find you. Granted, if you’re from out of town or on the come up, you have to hustle to get your spots. Here are a few tips to make your initial contact much more personable as opposed to sending a cold FB message to a stranger.  1. Approaching A Produc... [Read More]
The Business of Being a Young Woman in the Business
As a former comedy agent at UTA and WME, Priyanka represented numerous big-name writers and performers before leaving to start a TV production company with Jack Black. Now she writes and produces on her own, but she still encounters a tidal wave of comedy hopefuls looking for the advice, information... [Read More]
Edi Patterson Finds Her Tribe
You know those talented, hilarious actors that constantly pop up in so many of your favorite comedies? The ones where you go, “Man, where else do I know them from?” Edi Patterson is one of those actors and she’s moving closer and closer to broader recognition. Over the years she&rs... [Read More]
Second semester, crazier than the first on HBO’s Vice Principals
If you wondered whether Vice Principals could recapture the same lunacy that marked its first season on HBO, then allow me to remind you that Danny McBride and his usual crazy comedy team of Jody Hill and David Gordon Green filmed both seasons back-to-back two years ago. So they not only didn’... [Read More]
Patton Oswalt tells HBO’s VICE about joke thievery
In case you missed it, HBO’s VICE News recently took a look at joke theft through the prism of an ongoing lawsuit by a Twitter user named Robert Alex Kaseberg, who alleges Conan O’Brien and his Team Coco staff on TBS stole jokes from him for use in his monologues. VICE News didn’t ... [Read More]
The Season 2 Trailer for HBO’s ‘Vice Principals’ Has Arrived
The second season of Vice Principals premieres on HBO next month, and today the network released the trailer. HBO originally ordered all 18 episodes of the series back in 2014, and both Danny McBride and Jody Hill confirmed last year that they have no plans to extend the show beyond the upcoming sea... [Read More]
Danny McBride is looking for payback in new trailer for “Vice Principals”
On September 17th, the second and final season of Vice Principals returns and Gamby is looking for some payback. When… MORE Danny McBride is looking for payback in new trailer for “Vice Principals” appeared first on The Laugh Button.... [Read More]