Upfronts Follow-Up: The realities of pilot season and the odds of making a hit sitcom (2013-2017)
The annual song and dance of broadcast network Upfronts presentations sells advertisers on the need each May to book their 30 and 60-second commercials in primetime on their TV networks come September, with appearances by each network’s big stars and news personalities to make them feel all wa... [Read More]
Upfronts Follow-Up: How did the rookie class of 2015 broadcast network sitcoms fare?
It's Friday the 13th on your calendar, which marked a dark day for several network TV series awaiting their fates for renewal or cancellation. But even for those sitcoms fortunate enough to earn a second season -- or those pilots looking for their initial season orders by ABC, CBS, FOX, NBC and The ... [Read More]
Brandon T. Jackson first stand-up to join cast of simultaneous reality series on Esquire and Oxygen
At their Upfront presentations to advertisers today, the Esquire Network and Oxygen announced a first-ever joint project that will feature companion reality series shooting and airing at the same time on both cable channels -- one showing the lives of stand-up comedians, the other showcasing the liv... [Read More]
This Week in Comedy: We upfronted all over the place
This week was the upfronts so there was lotsa ups and downs when it comes to television, shows ended, others were cut and more were greenlit. We did our best to keep up with it all. We even hit the [adult swim] upfront which happened to feature Atlanta’s own Outkast! Hard out here for us [&hel... [Read More]
FOX cancels Dads, Enlisted, Surviving Jack; passes on three sitcom pilots
Surviving Jack airs its first and only season finale tonight on FOX. Enlisted has four more episodes yet to air -- perhaps to burn off sometime this summer? And Dads, well, sometimes it seemed only Kevin Reilly and his affinity for staying in the Seth MacFarlane business kept Dads on the air for as ... [Read More]
FOX orders 10 more episodes of “Mulaney” in advance of 2014 Upfronts presentation
Great news for John Mulaney, fans of Mulaney and the cast, crew and friends of the sitcom, Mulaney! FOX has ordered 10 additional episodes of the new multi-camera sitcom, just days in advance of the broadcast network's annual Upfronts presentation to advertisers to announce the new fall TV schedule.... [Read More]
2013-2014 TV watch: ABC’s greenlights, renewals, and cancellations
In advance of the upcoming television upfronts and the ending of the 2012-2013 television season, many networks are in the middle of confirming pilots, cancelling shows, and renewing others. Rather than you sifting through all the noise, we’re going to come up with some cheat sheets to what’s happen... [Read More]
Mindy Kaling Kept an Upfronts Diary for Vulture
Vulture asked Mindy Kaling, whose show The Mindy Project made Fox's fall lineup, to keep a diary of her Upfronts experience. Herewith, all the kooky things that went through her mind, starting from before she got the good news, and ending with her in bed, indulging in some light showrunner fantasies. [Read More]