Smash Brothers Release National TV Special
The Smash Brothers Somewhere in Los Angeles is an adorable, successful comic who has climbed his way through the fire to reach a pivotal point in his comedy career—releasing his first comedy special. What could be better than a guy like this? How about two of them!? Yes, I am talking abo... [Read More]
Meet The Comics: Miguel Dalmau, Chris Lamberth, & Dan Perlman
It’s that time again ladies and gents to Meet the Comics!  In this edition, AmericasComedy got to hang with three up and coming comics who rock the mics in New York City and are on their grind daily.  Miguel Dalmau, Chris Lamberth, and Dan Perlman keep full schedules by balancin... [Read More]
Eric Barger (Up and Comer)
Have you ever watched a comedian on stage or seen a YouTube video and thought to yourself, “Man he/she could be big one of these days.”  Here at we spend a lot of time at live shows and searching YouTube for funny videos and new talent to share with you.  I r... [Read More]