Eva Longoria Is an Excellent Prank Caller on Mike O’Brien’s ‘7 Minutes in Heaven’
Here’s the latest episode of Mike O’Brien’s Above Average series 7 Minutes in Heaven, where he’s joined by Eva Longoria for an episode that has it all — Spanish, French, a special award to Longoria for making the show’s list “Top 25 Flat Out Smokin’ Ho... [Read More]
David Letterman is turning into Santa Claus
What a difference 10 months of retirement makes! TMZ snapped up the above photo of David Letterman -- bald on top, bearded and flowing from the chin -- jogging on March 22, 2016, on St. Bart's. I like to think Letterman inherited "the Santa Clause" to become Santa Claus upon his retirement from late... [Read More]
Here’s the initial comedy lineup for 2016 SXSW
SXSW's Comedy lineup once again will stretch across all three of the "formal" portions of Austin's massive festival celebrating Interactive, Film, and Music, with shows, live podcasts, film screenings and more from March 11-20, 2016. Plus an encore for SXSW's live stand-up comedy showcase specials f... [Read More]
17 Times ‘Cyanide & Happiness’ Dropped Some Dark and Funny Truth Bombs
The adventures of the demented humanoids created by Rob DenBLeyker, Kris Wilson, Dave McElfatrick, and Matt Melvin live in a world as dark, brilliant, and twisted as the real world. Here are a few times when C&H revealed the truth about life. The painful, hilarious, undeniable truth. [Read More]
The Producers 2: The Campaigners
Donald Trump's rhetoric is so offensive, is as though someone designed his campaign to fail. But who would purposely mount a disastrous public display The post The Producers 2: The Campaigners appeared first on Third Beat.... [Read More]
2016 kicks off with new comedy tours from David Cross, Bon Qui Qui, and “Trump Vs. Bernie”
We're barely into 2016, and already three major nationwide comedy tours have asked you to pencil them into your plans this year. David Cross: "Making America Great Again!" Cross is heading out on the road for his first stand-up tour in six years, starting Jan. 26, 2016, in San Diego, and continuing ... [Read More]
The definitive guide to comedy festivals for 2016
Almost nine years ago now, the seeds of The Comic's Comic firmly planted themselves into my brain during a blizzard of snow and laughs in Aspen, Colo. Back then, you had Aspen and Montreal. Those were the two places to see the entire comedy industry converge, merge and splurge. New talent rubbing sh... [Read More]
Comedian To Do List: Men vs. Women, by Sara Schaefer
The only thing more striking about Sara Schaefer's recent Twitter photo of the differences between men and women in stand-up comedy today (circa 2015)? Reading her @replies and the outlandishly sexist men and mansplainers trying to set her supposedly straight. Which, of course, only reinforces her p... [Read More]
The Best of Seeso’s Beta (So Far)
This article is in partnership with Seeso. #YouGetIt. Seeso’s exclusive beta is officially live as of December 3rd. And with it comes a boatload of original shows and time-tested comedy favorites. First things first: If you haven’t already signed up, please pull yourself together and do ... [Read More]
“Thank God For Jokes,” Mike Birbiglia’s new one-man show going Off-Broadway in February 2016
Mike Birbiglia's latest stand-up tour is headed Off-Broadway, back to the same theater at 45 Bleecker St. where Birbiglia developed Sleepwalk With Me. Mike Birbiglia: Thank God For Jokes will play Lynn Redgrave Theater, with previews beginning Feb. 2, 2016, and an official opening Feb. 11. "I'm... [Read More]