DIY for women in comedy = Bad Assery, the first “women and comedy” conference
For the coming three nights and two days, funny women will gather not only to celebrate their various styles of performing comedy but also to share their experiences in making their voices heard -- and perhaps most importantly, move the conversation forward instead of rehashing old, already-decided ... [Read More]
Of course Jason Alexander is replacing Larry David on Broadway
Toupee or not toupee. That is the question. Whether or not you're surprised at the news that Jason Alexander will replace Larry David on Broadway this summer in David's play, Fish in the Dark -- you're not surprised, how could you be surprised, seriously, since Alexander's most famous role came play... [Read More]
Limited-time offer! The Humble Comedy Bundle 2015
Starting now (now being 2 p.m. Eastern/11 a.m. Pacific on Thursday, March 26, 2015) and lasting for exactly one week, you'll have the opportunity to pick up a 15-pack of stand-up comedy videos and audio recordings for the low, low price of whatever you want to pay -- or, for that matter, as much as ... [Read More]
Penn & Teller returning to Broadway for summer 2015 run
Some 30 years after the magician team of Penn Jillette and Raymond Teller first mounted an off-Broadway show, the dynamic duo will return to New York City for a summer run at the Marquis Theatre on Broadway from July 7 through Aug. 16, 2015. Penn & Teller currently are enjoying a residency at Th... [Read More]
Walmart pays $10 million settlement to children of “Jimmy Mack,” killed in 2014 NJ Turnpike crash
Walmart will pay out a $10 million settlement to the children of comedian James "Jimmy Mack" McNair, killed when a Walmart tractor trailer crashed into the SUV limo McNair was riding in last summer with Tracy Morgan and Ardie Fuqua along the New Jersey Turnpike. The Associated Press reported the fin... [Read More]
Take Arsenio Hall’s word for it? Begging for Eddie Murphy to return to stand-up at The Comedy Store (ahem)
The Comedy Store's lineup for Thursday night included a 15-minute window for a "Special Guest." Turns out that guest may have been a very special two-fer, as Arsenio Hall took the stage first, then afterward declared that Eddie Murphy -- yes, the Eddie Murphy who has teased us for more than 25 years... [Read More]
Comics of Comedy, a graphic design project by Bill Dawson
Bill Dawson is a graphic designer by trade. Corporate logos, fonts and brand design communications are his game, as creative director of XK9. But earlier this month, Dawson set his mind to a more personal project that allows him to have fun. He calls it "Comics of Comedy." His computer ill... [Read More]
Official Patrice O’Neal documentary, “Better Than You,” launches IndieGoGo campaign
Mark Farrell and Von Decarlo, Patrice O'Neal's fiancée for 10 years, have launched an Indiegogo campaign to raise money to finish an official documentary on the late, great stand-up comedian, Better Than You. Farrell is directing the project, with Sansan Fibri and Jason Steinberg joining him ... [Read More]
Eugene Mirman’s Comedy Festival returns to Boston for third year in April 2015
The Eugene Mirman Comedy Festival now is a recurring feature in both Brooklyn and Boston, with the fest now returning to the latter city for the third year this April. Highlights for the third Eugene Mirman Comedy Festival in Boston, April 17-19, 2015, include: Star Talk Live! hosted by Mirman ... [Read More]
Snapshots: Josh Sneed remembers his time at the Punchline in Atlanta
Earlier this month, Josh Sneed headlined The Punchline Comedy Club in Atlanta. He took a selfie backstage and posted it a few days ago to Instagram, as we all are wont to do in 2015. But as you can see by reading the small print next to Sneed's face, he goes way back with this club, having scrawled ... [Read More]