Ricky Gervais's transgender jokes show we're all in a kind of transition
The comic has been accused of transphobia after riffing about Caitlyn Jenner in his standup show. So does giving him a favourable review endorse those gags?Ricky Gervais sometimes gets people’s backs up and so, it transpires, do reviewers who write about him. “B4 you write another @guard... [Read More]
Review: Ian Harvie, “May the Best Cock Win,” on Seeso
Transgender became a much more buzzed-about identity over the past couple of years, from Olympic champion and Wheaties cereal box hero Bruce Jenner transitioning to Caitlyn Jenner to keep up with the Kardashians, to North Carolina’s oppressively obnoxious bathroom legislation, to the awar... [Read More]
Banned Harry Hill gag shows a shift in attitudes to both comedy and gender
Ofcom has censured an old episode of TV Burp, eight years after deeming its skit about a transgender man acceptable. It signals a sea change in how trans issues are treated on the small screen and beyondWe’re used to the idea that what’s offensive, in comedy and beyond, can change over t... [Read More]
Julia Scotti’s groundbreaking audition for America’s Got Talent 2016
Julia Scotti is a 63-year-old stand-up comedian who impressed the judges Tuesday night during her audition on America's Got Talent, then wowed them even more when she explained that she had tried to make a go of a career in comedy for 20 years, then quit, took an 11-year-break, and came back. As a w... [Read More]
Murray Hill: 'I'm more than a drag king. Why can't you just call me a comedian?'
Known for his self-deprecating humor and stage presence, Hill has become a symbol of the growing transgender performance scene once just known as dragThe businessman from Connecticut seemed game for a different night of entertainment – a variety show of sorts. He took his seat at Joe’s P... [Read More]
Sarah Franken review – smart, scabrous satire, if not jolly
Museum of Comedy, LondonIn this luridly populated show – her first after becoming a trans woman – Franken gives an intermittently persuasive vision of a culture in meltdownIf you’ve come expecting a confessional show about gender transition, Sarah Franken tells us, you’re in ... [Read More]
Sarah Franken (the artist formerly known as Will) comes out as transgender
The last time I saw Will Franken, he and I enjoyed a lovely chat years ago in the balcony of the Cabaret Juste Pour Rire during one of Andy Kindler's "Alternative Comedy" showcases for Montreal's Just For Laughs Festival. Well, the Cabaret long since closed up shop, and so has Will. Now I'm speaking... [Read More]
BBC seeks comedy scripts for sitcoms and sketch shows that support positive transgender roles
In an effort to support and positively address transgender roles on mainstream comedy television shows, the BBC has teamed up with artist collective Trans Comedy to bestow upon upcoming writers the Trans Comedy Award. Specifically BBC Writersroom, an... [Read More]
Laughing at Transgender Comedy | Rae Drew interview
Rae Drew, a standup transgender comic in Philly who started an online campaign – 7000 People Project – in part, to help finance transgender surgery and to shed a little lights on Drew’s own artistic express and search of self. The insightful twentysomething talks to us about why transgender comedy can be taboo, but why we all need to laugh at ourselves sometimes. [Read More]
Ian Harvie Is Here for Your Edutainment
It is LGBT Pride season and queer comics from all over the country are making their rounds at festivals nationwide. There are many famous LGBT comedians but Ian Harvie has the distinction of being the first transgender Female to Male comedian in the ... [Read More]