‘Sway In The Morning’ Had 2 Dope Interviews With Hannibal Buress And Tommy Davidson
Sway In The Morning has consistently been a place for some of your favorite comedians to discuss their latest, as well as share some unforgettable stories. This week, Sway and team wouldn’t disappoint as they delivered two equally great talks with some of our favorites. They would fi... [Read More]
Tommy Davidson cast in road trip comedy Frat Pack
Tommy Davidson has been set in Richard Reid’s indie comedy Frat Pack, described as Road Trip meets Bridesmaids meets Project X with a little American Pie thrown in. That’s a lot. Davidson known for his impressions on the iconic variety show In Living Color will play an overly p... [Read More]
Fox should just bring back “In Living Color” for good
Late Friday, Fox made the announcement they’d be bringing back iconic sketch comedy series In Living Color. Actually what they said is that they’d be airing two In Living Color 30-minute specials “based on” the original series... [Read More]
Tommy Davidson tapped for Adult Swim series
Just because a movie is a box office flop, doesn’t mean it can become an excellent series. At least that’s what the folks at Adult Swim are hoping for their newly slated animated venture Black Dynamite, born from the 2009 motion picture. ... [Read More]