Trevor Moore’s “High in Church” on Comedy Central
When their IFC sketch series ended after five seasons, The Whitest Kids U'Know mostly went their separate ways, although they reunited for a tour in 2013 and tried filming a pilot last year. Timmy Williams got married and moved back to South Dakota. Zach Cregger went the primetime sitcom route with ... [Read More]
8 Presidential sketches, bits, and jokes for you on President’s Day
It’s President’s Day! While some of you are taking the day off in remembrance of some of our nation’s greatest leaders, others of you are probably in the office taking care of business. Whether you are still in your pajamas and on the couch or if you happen to have yourself a super... [Read More]
The Whitest Kids U’ Know bring fan favorites to the Gramercy Theatre
I was a freshman in college when my friends first showed me The Whitest Kids U’ Know skit, “Slow Jerk.” I quickly realized that the group had a weekly half-hour show with jam-packed with even more hilarious skits (at first on Fuse before moving to IFC), and ever since have sworn by all five seasons.... [Read More]
The Whitest Kids U’ Know announce US tour
TV-sketch heroes, The Whitest Kids U’ Know, will be stepping away from the camera to bring their sardonic flavor of comedy to the live stage. Championed for their edgy and hilarious commentary on complacent suburbia, the New York City comedy troupe will be performing at various theatres around the c... [Read More]
A Summer of Funny Festivals
Comedy festivals have long been an American staple. Just take Woodstock, for instance. My parents always told me they did "a lot of funny things there" that were "so funny [they] couldn't legally talk about them" and were ac... [Read More]
Whitest Kids' Timmy Williams - “I Want to be a Comedian-Farmer" | The Apiary
The Whitest Kids U' Know's Timmy Williams has said "No More!" to the bustle of New York. He's moved to Portland, Oregon to raise delicious chickens and live off the land. [Read More]
The Whitest Kids U' Know becoming sketch-comedy superheroes | SF Gate
The Whitest Kids U' Know are on their way to making that short list of sketch-comedy superheroes. Formed in the early aughts at the School of Visual Arts in New York, the group gained traction on the Internet and with live shows, which eventually led to a TV gig on Fuse. [Read More]
IFC ramping up in comedy arena
IFC is going for laughs with its 2009-10 slate, which includes projects starring "Saturday Night Live" alum Chris Kattan in "Bollywood Hero," punk food princess Thu Tran's "Food Party," (a surreal mixture of puppets, weird special effects and cooking), "Monty Python: Almost the Truth (The Lawyer's Cut)," renewals for "Z-Roc" and "The Whitest Kids U Know" plus acquisitions of "Ideal," "Wrong Door," and Canadian import "The Jon Dore Television Show." [Read More]
The Whitest Kids U Know - The Sound of Young America Interview
The Whitest Kids U Know are a sketch comedy group based in New York City. They won top sketch honors at the 2006 Aspen Comedy Arts Festival, and rode a weekly gig in a NYC club to their own sketch series, which now airs on IFC. Sam Brown, Timmy Williams and Darren Trumeter talk about the trials and travails of professional sketch comedy and what it means to "do whatever you want." [Read More]
Who Are The Whitest Kids U'Know?
The Whitest Kids U'Know, then, is a five-person comedy troupe (rounded out by Darren Trumeter, Sam Brown, and Timmy Williams) with experience making short films and producing a weekly live sketch in New York City. Their show in IFC looks mort like a collection of short films than a traditional live sketch show. That may be splitting hairs, but it's a distinction of which the troupe is aware. [Read More]