Watch CollegeHumor’s Comedy Music Hall of Fame complete show
CollegeHumor and IFC team up to bring you an authoritative look at Comedy Music: its history, its future, and the talent that makes it great. Hosted by Paul F. Tompkins and featuring “Weird Al” Yankovic, Tenacious D, The Gregory Brothers, Trevor Moore, CDZA, Rachel Bloom, Patrick Noth, c... [Read More]
Paul F. Tompkins gets the auto-tune treatment by the Gregory Brothers
The Gregory Brothers dropped into the studio to remix this instant classic, “Could Have Torn My Nipple Off!”. Tune in for the premiere of CollegeHumor’s Comedy Music Hall of Fame June 19 on IFC and This hour-long special celebrating the stars of comedy music will ... [Read More]
CollegeHumor’s Comedy Music Hall of Fame special with Paul F. Tompkins premieres June 19
Comedy Music fans rejoice! The medium is finally getting it’s due. IFC is teaming up with CollegeHumor to celebrate CollegeHumor’s Comedy Music Hall of Fame. The hour-long special will honor this form of music and will be hosted by comedy music super-fan Paul F. Tompkins (Bojac... [Read More]
Best of 2011: The Comedy Awards
A year ago, most people would have said we needed more awards shows like we needed more shows about people getting additional holes in their heads (incidentally, don't miss Head-Holers, coming next Spring to TLC). But while we might not have ne... [Read More]