Wheeler Walker Jr.: “Just bitchin’ about nothin'”
“There should be more country artists on your f*cking website, but these people take themselves so goddamn seriously.” Wheeler Walker… MORE Wheeler Walker Jr.: “Just bitchin’ about nothin'” appeared first on The Laugh Button.... [Read More]
Comedy Central's Graveyard of One-Season Sketch Shows
by Liam Mathews This week on "The Good, The Bad, and the Deeply Strange," my exploration of Comedy Central's short-lived shows, I’m looking at the sketch shows that only lasted one season. In the last installment, I dove into the deep well of reality and mockumentary shows. In the sketch depar... [Read More]
My Comedy Central/Google Hangout with Ben Hoffman
Unbeknownst to us Tweeters, Comedy Central has been compiling a short list of The Ben Show super fans [Read More]
Good Kaufman, Bad Kaufman: Comedy Central’s The Ben Show and Nathan For You
The legacy of Andy Kaufman lives on in more ways than one, as Comedy Central's Thursday-night pairing of  The Ben Show and Nathan For You has proven over the past eight weeks. Kaufman's comedy as performance art elevated the art form while also subve... [Read More]
Ben Hoffman and Nathan Fielder bring quality real-life comedy to Comedy Central (Videos)
Thursday is always a huge night for comedy on television, thanks to offerings from NBC and FX. However, tonight – based on my viewing of the first two episodes of each show — I’d highly suggest you DVR your go-to programming and tune in live to... [Read More]