IFC will air half-hour collection of Comedy Crib shorts in late-night TV fall 2016
Short-form comedy segments in late-night TV all are the rage now, as IFC becomes the third cable channel to jump into the field, announcing today that its Comedy Crib collection of more than two dozen webseries will begin airing on TV come Fall 2016. The weekly half-hour episodes of Comedy Crib will... [Read More]
“Braving the Unknown,” Susan Messing’s Ted Talk in Chicago, April 2014
"Taking a risk -- maybe a tiny one, maybe a giant leap, into the unknown." Spend the next 14 minutes with Susan Messing, who tells an audience last month at a TedX UChicago event that when she wanted to grow up, she dreamed of being goalie for the New York Rangers, a swimming coach, or perhaps ... [Read More]