Patrick Bateman Reviews Taylor Swift, by Olga Lexell
You like Taylor Swift? Wait. Don’t speak. Why don’t you take a seat right here. Don’t mind the newspapers. Let me put on a record and see if I can change your mind, because I was like you once. Wait, take off your shoes. Now hang on. Don’t give me that look. If you’re a... [Read More]
Taylor Swifties, by Norman Birnbach
“I never imagined I’d be so successful,” Taylor Swift said dreamily. “I loved the commercial I did with all those cats,” Taylor Swift purred. “My song ‘Welcome to New York’ is my way to acknowledge my transition from country music to pop,&rdq... [Read More]
Bill Cosby next to Taylor Swift on South Park’s holiday special. Watch the teaser now!
Never afraid to push boundaries or address the most divisive issues of our time, South Park’s season finale on Wednesday, titled “The Washington Redskins Go F*ck Yourself Holiday Special,” will feature Bill Cosby, wine in hand, sitting next to Taylor Swift. The wine, of course, is ... [Read More]
Billy Eichner sings a song he wrote for Taylor Swift on ‘Conan’
Billy Eichner is a big Taylor Swift fan. So much so that he wrote a song specifically for the young musician. While a guest on last night’s Conan, Eichner performed his song, “Glitter and Ribs,” on stage for everyone. Eichner also made a music video for his song with Funny Or Die i... [Read More]
SNL #39.18 RECAP: Host Seth Rogen, musical guest Ed Sheeran
Sometimes it feels as if Saturday Night Live's dirty little secrets aren't secret any longer. If they ever were. And I'm not talking about the infamous cocaine-fueled writing sessions of the original cast and staff of the late 1970s, either. No. The dirtier secret of SNL is that 39 seasons later, it... [Read More]
'SNL' Review: Seth Rogen Half-Baked
by Erik Voss While watching Seth Rogen host SNL for the third time last weekend, I was reminded of two other three-peat hosts from earlier this season: Paul Rudd in December and Jonah Hill in January. Rudd's episode felt like extended promo for Anchorman 2, with the host failing to capture that... [Read More]