A Compilation of the Worst Comedy Advice Ever Given
This article was written by Jake Fromm (@jakefromm), a standup comedian and co-host of Green, a comedy podcast where green comedians ask better comedians how to get better. If you want to hear more in-depth advice from some of the comedians quoted below on topics like writing for TV and pe... [Read More]
Sara Schaefer’s web series nails what it’s like to be a comic with a ‘Day Job’
Last week premiered probably the most relatable video for any stand-up comedian. Created by Sara Schaefer (Nikki & Sara LIVE, You Had To Be There podcast, John Oliver’s New York Stand-Up Show), the web series “Day Job” highlights what it’s like to be an up-coming comedian... [Read More]
Sara Schaefer relives every comedian’s early nightmares and daydreams in “Day Job”
Sara Schaefer may no longer host an MTV late-night talk show, nor may she even live in New York City still. Nevertheless, now we can see her next project whenever we want. It's a webseries that looks back at her days before becoming a full-time professional comedian and quitting her day job. So, it'... [Read More]
New York comedians raise funds for comedian Liza Dye, who was hit by a train
On February 13th, upcoming New York comedian Liza Dye fainted on the Subway platform and slipped onto the tracks where she was struck by a train. Dye fortunately survived the ordeal and is now recovering in an extended hospital stay. According to her www.youcaring.com page, she is in relatively good... [Read More]
New Episode Of Scott Moran’s ‘Modern Comedian’ With Subhah Agarwal
A new episode of the wonderful documentary series “Modern Comedian” came out today featuring Subhah Agarwal. Agarwal is known as one of the hardest working open mic comedians in NYC. Here [...]Author informationDavid DeanPublisher at Serial OptimistDavid is the publisher of Serial O... [Read More]