Watch Sarah Silverman and Jim Gaffigan send video messages of hope to their younger selves
May may have been mental health awareness month, but if the first half of June has reminded us, even celebrities need to be reminded they are loved. Anyone can suffer from depression. All of us need to take care of ourselves mentally as well as physically. The Child Mind Institute has featured ... [Read More]
'Fame proved toxic for the relationship': when comedy double acts split
David Baddiel, Andy Zaltzman, Richard Herring and other comics on fame, failure and friendshipIn 1978, the year before the film 10 made a Hollywood star of Dudley Moore, the comedian appeared alongside his long-standing double-act partner, Peter Cook, on the Saturday-night chatshow Parkinson.“... [Read More]
Watch the pilot for “Super Clyde” that could have made Rupert Grint and Stephen Fry part of the CBS network
Watching the new fall season of network TV, it's easy to forget that none of these shows exists in a vacuum. You may love or hate an individual sitcom or show, but its placement on the primetime schedule has as much to do with the politics of what else is on the air -- competing for half-hours of yo... [Read More]
Stephen Fry discusses the surreal but very real thoughts of suicide
Stephen Fry disclosed this week that he had attempted to kill himself last year with a mixture of pills and vodka. ‘You may say, “How can anybody who’s got it all be so stupid as to want to end it all?” That’s the point, there is no “why?” That’s not... [Read More]
Man found guilty after twittering joke bomb threat; comedians question freedom of speech
Paul Chambers was found guilty for sending a menacing communication, as reported by BBC News, for tweeting a joking bomb threat, “Crap! Robin Hood Airport is closed. You’ve got a week… otherwise I’m blowing the airport sky high... [Read More]
Fry and Laurie, together again | Chortle
Stephen Fry and Hugh Laurie are to be reunited for a TV documentary to mark their comic partnership. UKTV’s Gold channel has commissioned a 90-minute documentary to celebrate 30 years since they met for the first time at Cambridge University. [Read More]
Tearing up the rule book - Stephen Fry on last night's unusual Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson | Chortle
Scottish-born comic Craig Ferguson threw out the chat show rulebook last night, but hosting a programme with just one guest – Stephen Fry – and no studio audience. The move was daring for America’s late-night programming, but the critic at the influential Entertainment Weekly called the special edition of Ferguson’s Late Late Show ‘one of the best hours I’ve seen in a while’. [Read More]