Online only: Louis C.K.’s SNL “Space Encounter”
Here's another Saturday Night Live sketch with host Louis C.K. that didn't make it past Saturday night's dress rehearsal. One man's space junk is another man's space hunk, am I right? This sketch, "Space Encounter," takes the Star Trek motif, puts CK in Klingon get-ups or whatnot -- they never do sa... [Read More]
You Don’t Have To Be A Nerd To Enjoy ‘Improvised Star Trek’ (interview)
While I appreciate “Star Trek” (LeVar Burton anyone?) my first thought when friends told me they were doing a podcast and live show called Improvised Star Trek I thought, “Yeah, yeah, yeah… Nerd Fest.” These aren’t just any nerds though. I happen to know that they are all hilarious and smart as hell, which only makes them more hilarious. Knowing this, I went to a show and tuned in for an episode and no surprise to me, loved it. And so do 1000’s of others, with a fan base that keeps on growing. ... [Read More]
Rounding up the best April Fools jokes on the web
We love the Internet. But on days like today, April Fools Day it provides it’s own set of rules. Mainly because everyone is out to trick you with a false story, joke, or prank. Here are some of our favorites we’ve encountered today.Rounding up the best April Fools jokes on the web appear... [Read More]
Big episodes from Billy On The Street
We know you love game shows. We know you love Julia Roberts and Spock. We know you will love the Julia Roberts Obstacle Course from Billy on the Street. Taking place in New York City, the comedic host Billy Eichner guides comedic and entertainment superstars Rachel Dratch, Will Ferrell, and Zachary ... [Read More]