Simon Amstell on Finding Fault with the World in His New Standup Show 'To Be Free'
by Elise Czajkowski Lucky for us, British comic Simon Amstell is becoming a mainstay of the US standup scene. He toured the States in 2012 with his show Numb, a soul-baring hour focused on his own insecurities and over-active neuroses. He's since popped up twice on The Late Show ... [Read More]
Simon Amstell on Conan
Simon Amstell returned to Conan on Wednesday night's show to report that he's in a great relationship with his current boyfriend. The only potential downsides to that? What didn't happen in his previous relationships, and what's happening in his dreams. Amstell is on tour, and will hit up some Ameri... [Read More]
Simon Amstell on Conan, “I’m being seduced by a wet dungeon boy”
Simon Amstell was the guest comedian on Conan last night. During his 5 he took the opportunity to talk about jealousy in relationships he has with men which lead down a dark path. Which is all the more funny because hearing a Brit talk about sex dungeons just sounds all the more weird with the [&hel... [Read More]
Simon Amstell on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon
The American audience in last night's Tonight Show was very happy to see British stand-up Simon Amstell. Perhaps they knew he'd be up for mocking his queen. Perhaps they knew he'd also be standing up against sexism. Or just perhaps they all expected a happy journey to the middle. As sung by The Beat... [Read More]
Simon Amstell on Late Show with David Letterman
Simon Amstell returned to Late Show with David Letterman on Friday night, a little older, a little less cheeky? That's his worry. Well, one of his worries. Amstell jokes about his fragile ego and having to live in competition with others for happiness. Perhaps a trip to Peru is in order? Watch out, ... [Read More]
Simon Amstell, “Numb” in New York City
For someone who grew up on camera in front of much of England the United Kingdom, and performs his one-man shows around the world, Simon Amstell remains socially awkward, lonely and depressed. That much Amstell is quick to remind his audiences in his... [Read More]