Talking Storytelling and Standup with Selena Coppock
It’s a great time to be a standup with both a killer persona and writing chops, and Selena Coppock knows a lot about both. The Massachusetts native currently lives in New York City and has spent years performing at standup and storytelling events like The Moth and Yum’s the Word as well ... [Read More]
Meet Me In New York: Selena Coppock
What do they say about New York City: There are eight million stories, and sometimes it seems as though eight million of the people telling them think they’re comedians? No, that’s not it. It is a fact, though, that America’s biggest city is also its biggest comedy mecca. Hollywood... [Read More]
Secrets from secret lady comedy Facebook groups
You may have heard or read about secret Facebook groups for women in comedy over the past couple of years, as women have taken back the initiative to not let men and predators get away with sexual misconduct inside or outside of comedy venues. In the second episode of her series, “Woman Online... [Read More]
Class Photo: Women in Comedy in New York City, 2016
The idea, simple enough: Gather as many women in New York City comedy together in one place for a class photo. More than 200 showed up on a cold, rainy Saturday to Littlefield in Brooklyn. The result, palpable. Mindy Tucker, who's tracked and photographed NYC comedians for the past decade, and whose... [Read More]
Tips for Storytellers and Stand-ups Who Want to Sell a Book
For the last decade I have been a publishing drone by day (Editorial Assistant to start, then steps up the ladder over the years to my current job as a Managing Editor) and Stand-up Comedian and Storyteller by night (I can sleep when I’m dead!).  Two years ago, I added Author to my resume... [Read More]
Dispatches from the first annual Jersey City Comedy Festival
The backyard to the TLB Towers happens to be Jersey City. So when we heard there was going to be a Jersey City Comedy Festival there was no way we were going to miss out on our chance to catch some sets around the corner. It was the first year of the event so we [...]Dispatches from the first annual... [Read More]