Ellis Rodriguez wins the 2017 San Francisco Comedy Competition
Congrats to Ellis Rodriguez from Sacramento, who won the 42nd annual San Francisco Comedy Competition, which wrapped up its monthlong contest around Northern California this past weekend. Wait, who won again? The other finalists: 2nd Place: Tyrone Hawkins (Cincinnati, OH) 3rd Place: Mark Smalls (San... [Read More]
Kabir Singh wins 2014 San Francisco Comedy Competition
If not for the San Francisco Giants returning to the World Series, I might not have remembered to check up on the annual San Francisco Comedy Competition. It's not as if the Bay Area's once-prestigious monthlong comedy contest even wants us to know who won, or who even competed. The San Francisco Co... [Read More]
Samuel J. Comroe wins 2013 San Francisco Comedy Competition
A year after winning a late-night TV credit contest, Samuel J. Comroe has won a slightly bigger and older, if not also more prestigious prize, emerging victorious in the 2013 San Francisco Comedy Competition. The 38th annual stand-up contest hosted a slightly different finish this October, with one ... [Read More]
Tony Baker wins 2012 San Francisco Comedy Competition
In what appeared to a hotly-contested five-way battle in the finals, Tony Baker emerged as the champion of the 37th annual San Francisco Comedy Competition. Tony Baker, born in Michigan and raised in Chicago, makes his comedy base in Los Angeles. Th... [Read More]
Sean Kent wins 2011 San Francisco Comedy Competition
Congratulations go out to Sean Kent, who has become the third stand-up comedian to win both the San Francisco and Seattle comedy competitions. Kent completed the double with his victory last night in Northern California. This year's runners-up from t... [Read More]