Backstage at Russell Simmons Presents: Ray Lipowski, Felipe Esparza and Lil Rel
My worst stand-up gig involved some scatological humor, a roomful of nuns and a coffin. Wait a minute, that was a funeral. No wonder that priest kept cursing at me. Ray Lipowski, Felipe Esparza and Li... [Read More]
Russell Simmons Presents Interview - Lil Rel | Comedy Central Insider
Putting "lil" in front of anything can have two meanings: simply adorable (for example, lil kittens, lil baby, lil baby kittens) or you are a rapper (Lil Wayne, Lil John, Lil Kim). Lil Rel i... [Read More]
Russell Simmons Presents Interview: Kurt Metzger
If the eyes are the windows to the soul, then interviews with stand-ups are the holograms of the soul, on the Internet, in question and answer form. Right? Right. Ugly Americans' Kurt Metzger is ... [Read More]
Russell Simmons Presents Interview: Mike Vecchione
Honestly, I can't tell the difference between a well-behaved clown and a poorly behaved clown (that actually explains a lot about my night terrors). But, Mike Vecchione can. He answered some ques... [Read More]
Russell Simmons Presents Interview: Tony Roberts
There are several Tony Roberts out there.  The actor, the Welsh football player, the race car driver, the sportscaster — but the one that is the funniest and looks the best in a jaunty cap is T... [Read More]
Russell Simmons Presents Interview: Calise Hawkins
My mother wouldn't make a very good stand-up.  Her act would consist of jokes about our cat and why she won't download anything off the Internet. But, Calise Hawkins is a mom and a featured... [Read More]
Russell Simmons Presents Interview: Dante Nero
If I was a person who judged a book by its cover (which is a terrible thing to do, that's how I read Naked Lunch — it is not what you think it's about), then I would say that Dante Ner... [Read More]
Backstage at Russell Simmons Presents: Kellye Howard, Fahim Anwar & Smokey
I've never been a VIP; I've never had a laminated pass. I hear this a lot, "Ma'am, what are you doing here? This area is restricted for REO Speedwagon." That's why I'... [Read More]
Russell Simmons and JB Smoove - Mantra vs. Godzilla | Comedy Central Insider
Russell Simmons wants JB Smoove to be mentally prepared for hosting Russell Simmons Presents Stand-Up at the El Rey, premiering Sunday, July 11 at 11pm / 10c, so he teaches him how to meditate. It... [Read More]
J.B. Smoove Hosting Russell Simmons' Latest Comedy Jam | Black Voices
J.B. Smoove is on board to host the new series 'Russell Simmons Presents Stand-Up at The El Rey,' premiering July 11 on the Comedy Central network. The 'Curb Your Enthusiasm' scene-stellar will serve as the master of ceremonies for the showcase, which – according to a spokesperson -- will feature stand-up with a hip hop vibe, reflecting the urban culture of today's youth through stand-up comedy. [Read More]