Billy Connolly at 75: Eddie Izzard, Armando Iannucci and more salute 'Beatles of comedy'
Izzard was inspired by his incontinence knickers routine. Iannucci had to listen to his albums in secret. Al Murray was in awe of his rampant charisma. And he made Susan Calman hurt with laughter. Top comedians salute the Big Yin Continue reading...... [Read More]
Ross Noble chats about his mad universe as part of the Sydney Comedy Festival
Notoriously chaotic comedian Ross Noble is referring to his sidekick - three-year-old daughter Elfie - whom he credits with improving his shows - and balancing him. Noble is back living in the UK with his Australian wife, after their home was completely destroyed in the Black Saturday bushfires in Victoria in 2009. He is reluctant to discuss the topic but says “dealing with it was horrible” and “we didn’t want to be reminded” - hence the move back to Kent, UK. [Read More]