LA comedy represents in Portland; a SoCal perspective on the Bridgetown Comedy Festival
As the fourth annual Bridgetown Comedy Festival in Portland came to a close yesterday, some of the best, brightest, and most original in comedy were put on display to uproarious, standing room only crowds. This is especially true for the LA comedy sc... [Read More]
Bridgetown Comedy Festival: Day 2
PORTLAND - Somehow, it’s still sunny in Portland. The Comedy Gods are smiling upon us, you guys. First stop for day two of Bridgetown was Lance Bangs Presents Come Laugh With Us at the Bagdad Theater. The line for this baby was around the block, beca... [Read More]
Tornado sends Eugene Mirman Comedy Festival to stand-up Oz of 1986, with Emo Philips and surprises!
Do you really need a tornado to be transported to another world? Maybe. It certainly helped add to the theme last night when thunderstorms brought funnel clouds through Brooklyn's Park Slope neighborhood, uprooting trees just a block or two away... [Read More]