‘Can I Kick It?’ Exclusive Backstage Interview with Al Jackson, Tone Bell, Rob Christensen (Video)
Can I Kick It? has only had two outings and has already proved to be a refreshingly creative take on the commentary style comedy show. Al Jackson, Tone Bell, and Rob Christensen took the stage at the Westside Comedy Theater in Santa Monica to show their appreciation for old school hip hop and also t... [Read More]
Can I Kick It? Old School Hip Hop With Comedy Commentary
What do you get when you take Mystery Science Theater, mix it with The Benson Interruption and add a heaping helping of Yo! MTV Raps? You get Can I Kick It?, an intriguing new show that will have its sophomore outing at Westside Comedy Theater in Santa Monica on Wednesday July 2. The show grew out o... [Read More]
Meet the Top 100 comedians competing on Season 8 of Last Comic Standing
So who received invites to the televised comedy competition that is Last Comic Standing in 2014? Here are your Top 100 who auditioned for Season 8 of Last Comic. The season premieres Thursday on NBC. Not listed in order of finish or preference. Not yet, anyhow. How many of these stand-up comedians d... [Read More]