Dave Flebotte talks inside comedy baseball of his Showtime series with Jim Carrey, “I’m Dying Up Here”
I’m Dying Up Here almost didn’t survive to a second season. Dave Flebotte, who with Jim Carrey created the Showtime adaptation of William Knoedelseder’s best-seller about The Comedy Store in the 1970s, told me over the phone last week that when Showtime gave them “a... [Read More]
The truth behind racial/ethnic jokes and stereotypes tackled: “That’s Racist with Mike Epps”
Mike Epps got into trouble last week for posting a joke photo and caption on Martin Luther King Day depicting a black man with white slaves. On the other hand, Epps is about to portray the late great Richard Pryor, who broke barriers in stand-up with his brutal honesty onstage, talking about race an... [Read More]
AOL announces new original series “That’s Racist with Mike Epps”
That’s Racist with Mike Epps is the new original series from AOL. Jews and Money. Asian Drivers. Polish IQ. CPT. . . that’s racist! But where do these stereotypes come from? Comedian Mike Epps explores the backstories of this humor and how history and fact often distorts into a snid... [Read More]
George Carlin finally got his way: Dispatches from a day of tributes to a comedy icon
On Wednesday, after years of hard work, George Carlin finally got his way. On the 400 block of 121st street, Morningside Heights, in New York City in front of a crowd of about a 200 people, the sign reading “George Carlin Way” was unveiled. It took three years of work by comedian Kevin B... [Read More]
Watch “Robin Williams Remembered:” A PBS Pioneers of Television special
The PBS documentary series, Pioneers of Television, had interviewed Robin Williams extensively just recently for its portraits of him and other groundbreaking comedians of the past 60 years. So, when Williams tragically died last month at 63, they went back through the footage with him as well as wi... [Read More]
Robin Williams tribute on PBS airs Sept. 9: Watch a preview now
Robin Williams will be honored Tuesday, Sept. 9 at 9 pm ET when PBS premieres a one-hour tribute titled Robin Williams Remembered – A Pioneers of Television Special. The special will include Robin Williams’ last full-length television interview, “including never-before-seen footage... [Read More]
Ray Romano, Marc Maron and more to perform for government watchdog charity
Come on out to laugh for the EveryMan… well, at least if you’re going to be in the Beverly Hills area this Sunday. The consumer advocacy organization Public Citizen is holding its annual ‘Stand Up For Main Street’ benefit. According... [Read More]
This Month at Comedy Central Stage: Paul Provenza, Greg Proops and More!
With all the snowpocalypses and snowmageddons we've been getting this year, the idea of never leaving the house again is becoming more and more enticing. Even after I run out of food, I bet I could feast off my couch for years. Or maybe I shoul... [Read More]
Roseanne Barr Describes Rick Overton as “a Rabbi to So Many Comedians” | Heeb Magazine
In the vast netherworld of almost famous comedians, one man stands out from the rest. You’ve seen him before: He has bit parts in Groundhog Day, The Office, Curb Your Enthusiasm, Dinner for Schmucks and, this month, shares a couch cushion with Jonathan Winters on The Green Room with Paul Provenza. An obscurity to many, sure, but, in the vast netherworld of almost famous comedians, Rick Overton has delivered manna from the comedy gods to bright and shining talents for years. [Read More]
Comedy Stars Line Up for Lenny Bruce Memorial Foundation Auction | STAGE TIME Magazine
Comedians Richard Lewis, Paul Mooney, Rick Overton, Paul Provenza and Bobby Slayton will be on hand at the Lenny Bruce Memorial Foundation Auction at the Laugh Factory on the Sunset Strip Wednesday, October 28. The auction will benefit Lenny's House, a non-profit recovery house for women healing from drug and alcohol addictions, named in memory of the legendary Lenny Bruce. [Read More]