Edinburgh comedy review – Brexit, Trump and sex-mad chimpanzees
Reginald D Hunter spurns good taste, Sara Pascoe goes solo, and Jan Ravens is everyone elseTop calls in this year’s fringe comedy bingo – where punters make a mental tick each time jokes on the same subjects occur in shows – are (as you might expect) Donald Trump, Brexit, running t... [Read More]
Reginald D Hunter review – ranting and spanking as comic hunts for controversy
Orchard, DartfordThe standup considers kinky sex, politics and Angela Merkel’s alter ego but his new touring show is seldom strikingYou might have heard I’m controversial, Reginald D Hunter tells his audience, by way of an introduction to this new touring show. All that means, he says, i... [Read More]
Reginald D Hunter: ‘Getting married, having kids is one ideal. But it’s not my ideal’
The American comedian explains how his relationship with his mother affected his life and how you have to leave your home to make sense of itI’m the fourth funniest person in my family, but No 1 for confidence. For years, Daddy was the funniest, but at 97 his memory is a bit off. I’... [Read More]
Reginald D Hunter webchat – as it happened
The outspoken comic answered your questions in a live webchat from the Edinburgh festival – and addressed everything from Donald Trump to the phrase ‘the n-word’ 12.37pm BSTReginald is wrapping up:Thanks for all your questions. I look forward to your support as I march on towards t... [Read More]
Reginald D Hunter webchat – post your questions now
The outspoken comic will be answering your questions in a live webchat from 12noon BST onwards on Monday 17 August – post them in the comments below 11.25am BSTWith his easy chuckle and broad smile, you might not instantly peg Reginald D Hunter as a firebrand – but his standup comedy is ... [Read More]