Cameron Esposito drops a surprise hour special on us today
Cameron Esposito was working on a new stand-up special and she got that sucker out fast. Rape Jokes is Esposito’s… MORE Cameron Esposito drops a surprise hour special on us today appeared first on The Laugh Button.... [Read More]
Adrienne Truscott’s “Asking For It” still, after all these years
Adrienne Truscott won multiple awards when she took her one-woman show about rape jokes to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, including honors for "Comic Originality" and the prestigious Panel Prize. That was August 2013. Some three years later, the summer of 2016 finds Truscott doing "Adrienne Tru... [Read More]
Bill Cosby skirts the question when Good Morning America asks him to address rape allegations
Good Morning America and ABC News reporter Linsey Davis sat down with Bill Cosby and the Black Belt Community Foundation, who had invited Cosby to Alabama to talk to students and about education needs near Selma. Davis asked Cosby how he'd approach any backlash from students or the community, seeing... [Read More]
Watch the third-season premiere of Inside Amy Schumer on Comedy Central
Amy Schumer and her Inside Amy Schumer writers and producers really upped the ante for season three with some brilliantly brutal satire, biting with wit and laughs while making a very clear point that our culture's priorities and viewpoints could use a shake-up. Here are the videos and sketches from... [Read More]
Sarah Silverman rape prevention tips backlash on Twitter is absurd
Another day, another troll-explosion on Twitter. This one, in particular, was aimed at a very public and well-known female figure with the audacity to make jokes or have an opinion. Next thing you know, they’ll be wanting the damn vote. But this time, those who have their panties in a bunch (i... [Read More]
Hannibal Buress tells Howard Stern about his “Bill Cosby is a rapist” bit that caught media fire
Hannibal Buress has been telling a joke that's not so much a joke as it is a declaration of news that few people want to discuss regarding comedy legend Bill Cosby. When Buress told the bit last weekend in Philadelphia, the hometown for the Cos, the local media perked up and wrote about it. And then... [Read More]
Rape joke culture explored by comedian J-L Cauvin at Rape Joke Survivors Group Therapy (Video)
Comedian, prolific original video producer and self-proclaimed bridge burner J-L Cauvin has unleashed his latest project on YouTube— this time addressing the always hot-button issue of rape jokes. Set in a Rape Joke Survivors Group Therapy session, Cauvin plays the quiet Karl and lets the rest... [Read More]
Tonight's 'Law & Order: SVU' Is About a Daniel Tosh-Esque Rape Joke Controversy, With a Twist
by Bradford Evans Tonight's new episode of TV drama Law & Order: SVU is taking place in the standup comedy world. Loosely inspired by that Daniel Tosh rape joke controversy from two years ago and that other one from last year, the episode is caled "Comic Perversion" and it stars Jonathan Si... [Read More]
Jonathan Silverman as Josh Galloway, rape-joke comedian rapist(?), on Law & Order: SVU
If we all say "NO," then NBC certainly wouldn't dare broadcast tonight's episode of Law & Order: SVU against our wishes, right? Right? Jonathan Silverman plays Josh Galloway, a stand-up comedian who makes a name for himself with rape jokes and a crime for himself in alleged rapes in tonight's ep... [Read More]