Can Daphne and The Pin save Radio 4 comedy?
One act offers Badults-style sketches, the other does mindbending meta-gags. Both bring new shows to a station that specialises in self-satisfied comedyThe Pin and Daphne were part of a wave of creative, self-reflexive new sketch comedy that peaked at the Edinburgh festival two or three years ago. N... [Read More]
Robert Newman: ‘Scientists think we’re all stupid. It makes me angry…’
The comedian tells us why Francis Crick, Brian Cox and Stephen Hawking are the butt of his jokes in his new book and radio seriesWhen I meet Robert Newman, he is wearing a homemade brain scanner on his head. He had it built as a prop for his most recent show about neuroscience. Newman is a writer an... [Read More]
Andy Borowitz to host two “News Quiz USA” episodes for BBC Radio 4 in October 2012
After running a trial episode in March of its American adaptation of "News Quiz," BBC Radio 4 is moving forward with at least two more episodes in October to bring American comedic sensibilities to the upcoming U.S. elections across the pond for Brit... [Read More]
Check out some photos from Lewis Black’s pilot for the BBC
As we reported earlier this week, BBC’s Radio 4 is developing an American version of its popular radio broadcast The News Quiz to be fronted by Lewis Black. The pilot was filmed last night to an enthusiastic sold-out crowd at New York City̵... [Read More]
Will Lewis Black and friends become radio stars?
Lewis Black and friends will tape a radio pilot tomorrow in New York City. News Quiz USA, hosted by Black and featuring comedians Kathleen Madigan, Todd Barry, Ted Alexandro and radio host Andy Borowitz will be a politically charged panel show, where... [Read More]