Yes, it’s true, “Arrested Development” is getting a fifth season on Netflix
All our wishes have finally come true: Arrested Development is coming back with a whole new fifth season. Earlier this… MORE Yes, it’s true, “Arrested Development” is getting a fifth season on Netflix appeared first on The Laugh Button.... [Read More]
A Look at The Cast of 'Arrested Development' On 'Inside the Actors Studio'
by Elise Czajkowski Tonight on Bravo, the case of Arrested Development will sit down with one of their own when they join James Lipton aka Warden Gentles on his long-running Inside the Actors Studio. Will Arnett, Jason Bateman, Portia de Rossi, Alia Shawkat, Jeffrey Tambor, Jessica Walter, and... [Read More]
Season 5 of Arrested Development coming soon?
While we had to wait seven years for a fourth season of Arrested Development, it appears that the wait won’t be that long to have the Bluths back in our life again. The show’s executive producer, Brian Grazer, says that talks are under way with Netflix for a fifth overall season of the c... [Read More]
Eddie Izzard doing the Grandpa Munster thing
There’s been talk for a while about Hollywood’s plans to re-boot the classic show, The Munsters. While the word on whether the show will actually come to fruition still seems up in the air, they did decide to air an episode around the time of Halloween. Now, lo and behold we have video i... [Read More]
ABC Wins Ellen DeGeneres’ Comedy Starring Her Wife Portia Di Rossi
After an intense bidding war, Ellen DeGeneres’ comedy went to ABC. The half-hour multi-camera show that is currently titled The Smart One will star DeGeneres’s wife Portia De Rossi, making them not only partners in life, but also in busin... [Read More]
Arrested Development cast to reunite…for a New Yorker panel
This is not the Arrested Development movie post you were looking for, but you can bet somebody will bring it up when the cast reunites in person for the New Yorker Festival next month. Nancy Franklin will moderate an exclusive “Bluth family reunion” ... [Read More]