Tight 15s: Netflix orders bunch of new, shorter stand-up specials
Netflix made waves two years ago by ramping up production of stand-up specials to almost one per week. Last year, the streaming giant also introduced a handful of half-hour specials called The Standups. In 2018, they’re halving that half! Netflix will make at least 16 new stand-up specials tha... [Read More]
'Chinese burn? We just say burn': comics on joking about race and immigration
Phil Wang has a messy relationship with the British empire. Evelyn Mok felt dirty joking about her family. Kae Kurd riffs on being a refugee. Aisha Alfa was shocked to find she had a ‘black perspective’. They talk patriotism, stereotypes and stigmasI’m a sort of half-immigrant. I w... [Read More]
Comedians on how to banish festive fear and have a better Christmas
From faking illness to binning Brexit chat, standups including Rachel Parris, Milton Jones and Phil Wang share advice on taking the hassle out of the holidaysRachel Parris: Wear something hilarious at all times. A novelty jumper or naughty apron will give everyone something to talk about that isn&rs... [Read More]
'So the universe implodes – no matter': comedians share their best one-liners
In Steve Best’s new book Joker Face, standups pick some of the funniest gags they’ve told. Here are 10 of our favouritesJenny Collier: The worst sport ever is throwing a hand-sized round thing as far as you can. Discus.Candy Gigi: Who’s a northerner’s favourite R&B star? ... [Read More]
Here are your nominees for Foster’s Edinburgh Comedy Awards 2015
With only a few days left in the scrum of August which is the Edinburgh Fringe, the panel for the Foster's Edinburgh Comedy Awards for 2015 have announced their nominees for this year's Best Show and Best Newcomer at the Fringe. And they are... Best Show 2015 Nominees James Acaster: Represent @James... [Read More]