Christian Finnegan, Sean Patton, and Paul Virzi deploy some “Goodwill Hunting” when it comes to bombing on stage
We previously reported that one of New York’s favorite comedy clubs, The Stand would spend this summer closed as it… MORE Christian Finnegan, Sean Patton, and Paul Virzi deploy some “Goodwill Hunting” when it comes to bombing on stage appeared first on The Laugh Button.... [Read More]
Cool thing to buy this week: Paul Virzi “Night At The Stand”
PAUL VIRZI NIGHT AT THE STAND iTunes | Bandcamp Paul Virzi is a comedian and a family man. Two ideas some find diametrically opposed, but not Virzi. He uses his life experience to drive his stand-up, drawing his jokes and stories from life experiences. On Night At The Stand Virzi takes all of this a... [Read More]
What would it look like if comedians starred in “Goodfellas”? Some NYC comedians attempt to find out
The Stand is a terrific comedy club in NYC where you can catch some of the best talent the city has to offer any night of the week. To celebrate their “Summer Of The Stand” series, the club gathered some comedians to participate in a shot for shot re-enactment of one of cinema’s mo... [Read More]
I Had To Follow That! Paul Virzi helps open up a new comedy club and follows Artie Lange
When a new club opens hopefully it will be a celebration with lots of great comedians and fanfare. While this happened at NYC’s The Stand, Paul Virzi learned quickly that there’s a downside to the big blowout, and that’s following comedy giants. Which is exactly what Paul Virzi had... [Read More]
SXSW 2015: The Laugh Button Live! in photos
SXSW 2015 was one for the ages as it allowed to put on easily our biggest live stand-up show to date. On Monday, March 16th we packed Esther’s Follies to the gills with one of the finest shows we’ve ever done. Our photography pal Kristin Hillery documented the evening for us. One that co... [Read More]
Paul Virzi to tape debut stand-up album, Live At The Stand on April 9th
If you are in New York on April 9th, make some plans to get to The Stand and catch comedian Paul Virzi tape his first comedy album. You might know Virzi as an opener for Bill Burr or host of the podcast, The Virzi Effect. He’s also a killer comedian (and emcee of our Live […] Paul Virzi... [Read More]
Bill Burr and Al Madrigal to headline The Laugh Button Live! at SXSW 2015, March 16th at Esther’s Follies
Buckle up! For The Laugh Button Live! will once again return to SXSW for an unforgettable evening of stand-up comedy! We knew this year would be tough to top one of last year’s most buzzed-about show which featured Jim Breuer and Sinbad. So we pulled out all the stops this year to bring easily... [Read More]
Meet The Comics: Miguel Dalmau, Chris Lamberth, & Dan Perlman
It’s that time again ladies and gents to Meet the Comics!  In this edition, AmericasComedy got to hang with three up and coming comics who rock the mics in New York City and are on their grind daily.  Miguel Dalmau, Chris Lamberth, and Dan Perlman keep full schedules by balancin... [Read More]
Yannis Pappas got Paul Virzi and Jason Lawhead in bed to talk comedy
Yannis Pappas has a great web series on the Fusion Network based out of Miami. The web series involves Yannis in bed with another comedian for an interview. In his most recent one, he had Paul Virzi and Jason Lawhead on as guests. The trio talked about their time opening for Bill Burr and the [&hell... [Read More]
The Laugh Button Inquisition: ‘What celebrity would you want to see with a mullet?’
The Laugh Button Inquisition is an interview series where we ask comedians one question and one question only. This time around we decided to dive into the world of celebrity and find out what our comedians think about celebrity hairstyles. This time we wanted to know, “What celebrity would th... [Read More]