Eddie Murphy confirmed to join Mike Epps in cast of the Richard Pryor biopic
Well, it’s finally happening. Back in 2014 we reported that comedian Mike Epps would be playing Richard Pryor in an upcoming biopic about the comedic legend. A couple months later in October of 2014, Epps went on Jimmy Kimmel Live and discussed the project. Now, it’s been confirmed that ... [Read More]
Alternate timeline: Marlon Wayans as Richard Pryor in this old audition footage for the comedian’s biopic
As you may recall, comedy fans have waited several years to see a major motion picture biography of the legendary Richard Pryor. It's happening now, directed by Lee Daniels and starring Mike Epps as Pryor, with Oprah Winfrey playing Pryor's grandmother, who raised the young comedian in a brothel. Bu... [Read More]
Rain Pryor doesn’t approve of Richard Pryor biopic: No one desires to know the truth (Exclusive)
While comedy fans rejoiced today due to both Oprah Winfrey and director Lee Daniels confirming Mike Epps will play iconic comedian Richard Pryor in an upcoming biopic, Pryor’s daughter Rain doesn’t share the excitement, and for good reason. “I don’t approve of the biopic peri... [Read More]
Mike Epps, not Nick Cannon, cast as Richard Pryor: Oprah and Lee Daniels confirm
Although it looked like Nick Cannon had snagged the role of iconic Richard Pryor in the upcominc biopic about the late, ground-breaking comedian, it seems veteran comedian Mike Epps has officially been cast. Both Oprah Winfrey and director Lee Daniels have confirmed Epps as the lead. Check out the t... [Read More]
Jack Black, Oprah Winfrey, Kim Kardashian give Jay Leno a musical send-off (Video)
Longtime friend Billy Crystal was Jay Leno’s first guest on The Tonight Show back on March 25, 1992 when Leno took over the late night chair from the legendary Johnny Carson. He promised his old buddy to be his final guest, too. “A promise made. A promise kept,” Crystal said last n... [Read More]
Will Ferrell and Adam McKay Tried to Get Barack Obama to Cameo in 'Anchorman 2's Big Brawl
by Bradford Evans In a new interview with Paste magazine, Anchorman director/co-writer Adam McKay revealed that he and Will Ferrell tried to get a bunch of super lofty cameos for Anchorman 2's big news anchor brawl, including Oprah Winfrey and presidents Barack Obama and Bill Clinton. Here's McKay e... [Read More]
Diablo Cody Is Making an HBO Comedy with Oprah Winfrey
by Elise Czajkowski HBO is developing a comedy with Diablo Cody and Oprah Winfrey, says The Hollywood Reporter. Still untitled, the show will based on the upcoming book Moody Bitches: The Truth About the Drugs You're Taking, the Sex You're Not Having, The Sleep You're Missing and What's Really ... [Read More]