Artie Lange: The Stench of Failure premieres Oct. 18 on Comedy Central
Most comedians are tortured artists and there are few more tortured than Artie Lange. The 46-year-old veteran comic, former Howard Stern Show star and two-time best selling author has been to hell. But he’s come back, albeit scathed both physically and psychologically, over the last few years.... [Read More]
Patrick Milligan: Take A Stand (Audio Interview)
The comedian has always been the rebel. They think outside the box, go against the grain, and pull the rug out from beneath a person. Today’s comedy appears to have been shaken up for the better by comedians going independent and doing things t... [Read More]
DirectTV releases statement three days after the premiere of “The Nick and Artie Show”
Three days after The Nick and Artie Show premiered, the radio program’s producer, DirectTV has issued a press release announcing the show’s existence. In the world of entertainment and marketing, the chronology seems a little off. But, I ... [Read More]
Artie Lange, Nick Di Paolo’s radio show premieres tonight
We’ve been writing about it for a long time now, and finally the day has come. Artie Lange will officially return to radio tonight after Monday Night Football concludes. The Nick and Artie Show is happening. And you’ll be able to stream i... [Read More]
Watch Louis C.K. and friends contemplate busboy’s life in “Louie” extra scene
With the premiere of the second season of Louie hitting FX this Thursday at 10:30 pm EST, the ever-giving Louis C.K. gifted the Internet mere moments ago with this extra scene from the first season of the show. Oh, and you should know that said first... [Read More]
Big Hollywood Interview: Nick Di Paolo (Showtime’s ‘Raw Nerve’ special)
“Nick Di Paolo: Raw Nerve,” debuting at 9 p.m. EST April 30 on Showtime, lets the public see a rare species of Standupitus Comicus. Di Paolo is unapologetically to the right of center and was mocking President Barack Obama long before folks like Jon Stewart realized the president might not heal the world as advertised. Di Paolo isn’t surprised his first hour-long special ended up on Showtime, not HBO. “Their comedy hero is Bill Maher. My ideology and comedy sensibility is completely different … ... [Read More]
Nick Di Paolo: Questioning your beliefs | Punchline Magazine interview
Punchline Magazine was lucky enough to catch up with Nick recently to chat about his new hour, where and why he falls politically and socially, why certain networks are afraid of his act and much more. [Read More]
Nick Di Paolo Hits a Raw Nerve | interview
In anticipation of his one hour Showtime Comedy Special, premiering April 30th, AmericasComedy.Com caught up with Nick about his early times on the stage and his new found love of the radio. [Read More]
First look at Nick Di Paolo’s Showtime special "Raw Nerve"
Punchline chatted with Nick Di Paolo yesterday about a great many things– politics, coffee (and its diuretic properties) and of course, his new (and first!?) hour-long special, Raw Nerve, premiering on Showtime April 30 at 9 pm EST.. [Read More]