Robert Newman: ‘Scientists think we’re all stupid. It makes me angry…’
The comedian tells us why Francis Crick, Brian Cox and Stephen Hawking are the butt of his jokes in his new book and radio seriesWhen I meet Robert Newman, he is wearing a homemade brain scanner on his head. He had it built as a prop for his most recent show about neuroscience. Newman is a writer an... [Read More]
Optimism v pessimism in 2017: the comedian and the psychologist debate
Liam Williams quit standup fearing his pessimism about the state of the planet was making audiences worryingly apathetic. But is a sunny outlook really any healthier? We sat him down for a session with psychotherapist Philippa PerryMore uplifting culture for 2017One day last year, Liam Williams lock... [Read More]
Rob Newman: 'Bill Hicks wanted to support us. I regret not letting him'
The comedian on his odyssey into the human brain, why he never wants to play a stadium again – and the reason he turned down his comedy hero Hi Rob. So why are you doing a show on the brain?Firstly, there’s lots of really exciting progress in brain science now. But at the same time, the ... [Read More]