Texas Councilman Leaves Microphone On While In Bathroom During Meeting! Watch Video Of ‘Naked Gun’ Moment Where Georgetown Council Member Forgets To Wash His Hands And Mayor Rachael Jonrowe Tries To Keep Composure
A Texas councilman accidentally left his microphone on while using the bathroom during a meeting. And the hilarious video is quickly going viral. The council meeting in question took place in Georgetown, Texas last week. Rachael Jonrowe, the city’s mayor pro-tem, was talking about infectious d... [Read More]
They’re Back: 11 reboots and sequels including “The Naked Gun,” “Police Academy,” and “Vacation” happening in 2015
With everyone a buzz about the rebooting of the Ghostbusters franchise, and Dan Aykroyd revealing recently he still hopes to get his own conventional Ghostbusters sequel into cinemas (separate from Feig’s), we thought we would take a look at the year in comedy films and what will be coming our... [Read More]
‘Naked Gun’ reboot to feature Ed Helms
Remember those classic Naked Gun flicks from the late 80s and early 90s? Well Lt. Frank Drebin is back and this time it’s Ed Helms who will take on the role. That’s right, Variety recently reported that Helms has signed on to star in Naked Gun’s franchise reboot. Additionally, Thom... [Read More]
There's a 'Naked Gun' Reboot in the Works Starring Ed Helms
by Megh Wright Paramount has decided to revamp the Naked Gun franchise for some reason, and Ed Helms has signed on to star as Detective Frank Drebin, the lead role Leslie Nielsen made famous in the late eighties and early nineties. According to Variety, the studio has also brought in the writing tea... [Read More]
Image of The actor who played Dr. Meinheimer in ‘The Naked Gun’ is dead
The actor who played Dr. Meinheimer in ‘The Naked Gun’ is dead
RIP Richard Griffiths [Read More]