Not just another “White Guy Talk Show” debuts late-night weeknights on Fuse
The late-night TV landscape welcomes a new player tonight, as White Guy Talk Show debuts at 10:30 p.m. ET/PT on fuse -- with one big catch, or make that two: Neither of its co-hosts are white guys! Saurin Choksi and Grace Parra, comedians who coincidentally both grew up in Houston, take the helm of ... [Read More]
Erik Rivera on NUVOtv, “I’m No Expert,” meeting your mate and pilot season
Erik Rivera may not have turned his development deal last year with Eva Longoria into a network TV sitcom, but his relationship with Jennifer Lopez did net him his first hourlong stand-up special. Erik Rivera: I'm No Expert premieres Saturday on NUVOtv. No, not that kind of relationship. Rivera is h... [Read More]
Hurricane Odile cancels 2014 Cabo Comedy Festival; NUVOtv and Levity organize relief benefit show Oct. 1 in California
The second annual Cabo Comedy Festival was supposed to start tonight at the southern tip of Baja Mexico, but Hurricane Odile had other ideas, devastating Cabo San Lucas and Los Cabos as it passed through last month. So the festival was cancelled. Or postponed, if you prefer to think of it that way. ... [Read More]
Gina Brillon: Pacifically Speaking, presented by Gabriel Iglesias for NUVOtv
Gina Brillon's first hour-long stand-up special, Pacifically Speaking, premieres at 10 p.m. ET/PT Saturday via NUVOtv and a little help from Gabriel Iglesias. Iglesias "presents" and introduces Brillon to the audience (it's the second such special "Fluffy" has presented for NUVOtv), and al... [Read More]
Rick Gutierrez, presented by Gabriel Iglesias, presents his first stand-up special at 51: “I’m Not Mad, I’m Just a Parent!” on NUVOtv
"This is something very different. Something very special for myself. I've had the opportunity of doing many specials on TV, and TV shows, and I think it's about time that a comedian who has a lot of clout in the business uses that clout to help the next up-and-coming comedian. And the person who I'... [Read More]
NUVOtv renews Stand Up and Deliver series, deals with Levity to showcase stand-up specials in 2014-2015
NUVOtv revealed its boldest Upfronts presentation yet today, hot off the acquisition of the FUSE cable channel, with Jennifer Lopez coming to the podium on Monday to announce a programming slate that includes new comedy series and a deal that'll present several stand-up comedy specials on its cable ... [Read More]
Season two of “Stand Up and Deliver” on NUVOtv
The second season of NUVOtv's Stand Up & Deliver premieres tonight, with back-to-back episodes featuring headliners Maz Jobrani and Erik Griffin. It's hosted by Julissa Bermudez and Jose Sarduy, with four stand-up comedians showcased in each half-hour episode. After tonight's back-to-back episod... [Read More]
Anjelah Johnson talks about Bon Qui Qui’s wild ride and her “Homecoming Show” special on NUVOtv
NUVOtv officially kicked off its relaunch in style last night with a party in West Hollywood, Calif., and the cable TV channel formerly known as Si TV goes Bon Qui Qui comedy crazy this weekend with the premiere of Anjelah Johnson's Homecoming Show. Here's a behind-the-scenes sneak peek of John... [Read More]