A Compilation of the Worst Comedy Advice Ever Given
This article was written by Jake Fromm (@jakefromm), a standup comedian and co-host of Green, a comedy podcast where green comedians ask better comedians how to get better. If you want to hear more in-depth advice from some of the comedians quoted below on topics like writing for TV and pe... [Read More]
Comedian AJ Finney snags Best of Midwest title and $2,500 at Gilda’s LaughFest
GRAND RAPIDS — After performing three sets in two different rooms — Dr. Grins and an adjacent showroom — Missouri-based comedian AJ Finney snagged the $2,500 grand prize at Gilda’s LaughFest Best of the Midwest Competition last night. Underwritten by Wolverine Worldwide and j... [Read More]
First look: Montreal’s New Faces, Unrepped 2013
If you want to know why the fuss about New Faces, it's all about showing show business some new show for their business. All of the stories you've heard about six- or seven-figure development deals with broadcast and/or cable networks all come back to the simple fact that there are managers and agen... [Read More]
Comedians You Should Know (the album) | Punchline Magazine review
Comedians crave the spotlight the way plants covet sunlight. So Wednesdays at Timothy O’Toole’s in Chicago, their lodge of sorts, Marty DeRosa, Danny Kallas, Joe Kilgallon, Mike Lebovitz, Drew Michael and Michael Sanchez reconvene their six-member comedy club: Comedians You Should Know. [Read More]