From the attic of a Chinese restaurant, Boston’s Comedy Studio celebrates 20th Anniversary
On paper, its a little 75-seat “place” in the attic of a Chinese restaurant. To comedy, it’s as big as the world. This month, The Comedy Studio in Boston, MA celebrated its 20th Anniversary. That in itself is a feat. However, there’s more to it than that. The Comedy Studio ha... [Read More]
Time well spent with Micah Sherman from the new sketch album “John Rogers: Idiot”
Micah Sherman is not only a comedian, he is an improviser, actor, voice over artist, writer, and performer. For his latest project, he’s teamed up once again with Dan Hirshon, this time for a sketch comedy album entitled John Rogers: Idiot. It’s an album about art, pitching that art, and... [Read More]
The new single camera sitcom “Improvising” stars Micah Sherman and SNL writer Natasha Rothwell
Improvising is a single camera situational comedy about improvisational comedy in New York City. It’s like Seinfeld with improv, shot in the style of Curb Your Enthusiasm with a healthy dose of Brooklyn Nine-Nine thrown in. Improvising stars Micah S... [Read More]
Cathleen Carr and Micah Sherman enter “The Marriage Pact”
Here's a fun short film some friends of the site just produced. Terry and Maggie Johnston (Micah Sherman and Cathleen Carr) take the cliched childhood marriage pact -- if they both found themselves still single 20 years later, then they'd be lawfully wedded to each other -- to heart. Even if they're... [Read More]
Catching up with Myq Kaplan
Myq Kaplan is a busy comedian. Besides popping up on stages everywhere in NYC, where he calls home. Myq (pronounced “Mike”) is preparing the forthcoming release of his with friend Micah Sherman called Please Be Seated on September 25th. The album is a musical collaboration between the tw... [Read More]
Alt Com! The Alternative Comedy Festival Tour visits Charleston, SC | Charleston City Paper
In a place as cold as Boston, it's good to find some humor on a dreary day. But it's also no wonder that the three comedians of Alt Com!, each regular performers at Somerville, Massachusetts' renowned comedy festival, would jump at the chance to fly south and spend a weekend in Charleston. [Read More]