How Facebook Is Killing Comedy
Last month, in its second round of layoffs in as many years, comedy hub Funny or Die reportedly eliminated its entire editorial team following a trend of comedy websites scaling back, shutting down, or restructuring their business model away from original online content.  Hours after CEO Mike F... [Read More]
Making a Pitch for comedy writers at Funny or Die
In ye olden times, you’d hear about a comedy friend or friend of a friend claiming to write for The Tonight Show or Letterman, sending in jokes by fax. In 2017, what’s a fax? Funny or Die has not only made an app for that, but also perhaps revolutionized the process of finding new comedy... [Read More]
This Week in Web Videos: Movie Cram III
On November 14th, 2015, for the third year in a row, the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre’s best Actors, Writers, Directors, Editors, Musicians, Art Directors, and Producers got together to do — in one goddamn day — something it takes Hollywood folks like three years to do. They ma... [Read More]
This Week in Web Videos: ‘Taking the Stairs Like a Pro’
Comedy is about committing to a very specific funny dimension, or nugget, in an idea and sticking with it. Insanity be damned, it’s about exploring every one of that nugget’s nooks and crannies until you’ve mined its comedy-rich surface for all potential material. As straightf... [Read More]