Norm Macdonald talks about defending Louis CK in new “Unmasked” interview
Norm Macdonald’s publicity tour for his new Netflix talk show continues to make massive headlines. First, his interview with The Hollywood Reporter prompted SNL buddy Jimmy Fallon to cancel Macdonald’s scheduled appearance on Tuesday’s taping of The Tonight Show (with Macdonald in ... [Read More]
Who’s saying what about Louis CK showing his face in comedy clubs again, after #MeToo
Ten months ago, the long-whispered rumors about Louis CK became reality when The New York Times published on-the-record allegations, followed by a public statement by the award-winning comedian in which he confessed to masturbating in front of female comedians without their consent. Over the weekend... [Read More]
Marc Maron: ‘I’m familiar with coke, anger, bullying, selfishness’
The Glow star and hit podcaster talks drugs, divorces and his ‘horrible’ feud with Jon StewartThe night before I meet Marc Maron, I go to his standup show in London. These days Maron is best known for his hugely popular podcast, WTF with Marc Maron, which he started in 2009, and on which... [Read More]
Michelle Wolf: ‘It’s weird that Trump doesn’t have a sense of humour’
As host of the White House correspondents’ dinner, comic Michelle Wolf insulted Trump, his inner circle and the press. What happened next?In the past 35 days, Michelle Wolf has hosted the annual White House correspondents’ dinner, scandalised Washington DC, outraged the president, run a ... [Read More]
Louis CK will not voice any new cartoon voices in 2018, either
Louis CK starred as the voice of a dog in the 2016 film, The Secret Life of Pets, but two other animated projects featuring the comedian’s voice have been recast or scrapped in the wake of his sexual harassment confession last fall. The Disney Channel confirmed that CK’s role of “T... [Read More]
The Trailer For Atlanta FX Season 2 Is Now Here!!
Ladies and gentleman, it’s officially ‘robbin season’. We’ve waited a whole year for Atlanta’s season 2 to premiere and now it is just months away. Over the weekend, Donald and crew released the first-look trailer for the upcoming season. Knowing Donald’s work, th... [Read More]
Tig Notaro relieved to have Louis CK relieved of his executive producer duties on One Mississippi
It’s no secret that Louis CK helped Tig Notaro break through into the mainstream by putting out her “Live” CD on his website, then by helping her sell her TV series One Mississippi to Amazon. But when Notaro learned about CK’s secret, about how he had abused other women in co... [Read More]
Louis C.K. buying back distribution rights to his movie, “I Love You, Daddy”
The Orchard may have squashed plans to release Louis CK’s new movie in any cinemas, but the newly disgraced comedian is buying back the distribution rights from them. Deadline broke the news today. The Orchard had paid $5 million for worldwide rights to I Love You, Daddy, after its debut scree... [Read More]