Comedy Dynamics launches lineup of archived stand-up comedy specials on Hulu
New Wave's Comedy Dynamics debuted its new Hulu channel today. You can check out the following stand-up comedy specials at your convenience, free of charge. The initial lineup at launch includes: Louie Anderson, Big Baby Boomer (2012) Josh Blue, Sticky Change (2012) Kyle Cease, Weirder. Blacker.... [Read More]
Louie Anderson on Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson
Louie Anderson returned to the Late Late Show stage on Monday night, and even before you make your New Year's resolutions, Anderson's personal trainer has a suggestion for him. Take a hike! No. That's the suggestion. You'll see. Roll the clip (Craig Ferguson introduces Louie at about 32:50 in the fu... [Read More]
Comedian Louie Anderson Eliminated from ‘Splash’
ABC’s surprise hit reality show “Splash” (not to be confused with NBC’s flop musical show “Smash” #Burn) is kind of a ridiculous concept.  With a similar model to that of “Dancing With the Stars,” celeb... [Read More]
In Their Own Words: Dick Cavett, Louie Anderson, Ophira Eisenberg, J.R. Berard, Andy Sandford
And now, for some words of wisdom about comedy from comedians. In their own words. In contemplating a possible return of The Tonight Show to New York City and 30 Rockefeller from Los Angeles and Burbank, Dick Cavett reflects on Johnny Carson's tenure... [Read More]
The long, short, big and tall of it all: ABC’s “Splash” asks Louie Anderson, Kareem & more to take a dive
Just when you thought it was safe to go back into the pool... ABC, which used to bring us Superstars on Saturday mornings a generation ago, is broadening the definition of athlete and celebrity while also narrowing the pool of athletic competitions t... [Read More]
Image of Required Reading: Great Books by Stand-Up Comedians
Required Reading: Great Books by Stand-Up Comedians
..every once in a while, a comedian takes the opportunity to write a real book, to use the form as its own specific kind of writing, and produces something unique and memorable. Here’s a quick jaunt through some of our favorites: [Read More]
Image of Stand Up Bootcamp – Day 5 recap
Stand Up Bootcamp – Day 5 recap
9:00am- The last day of Stand Up Mastery. Last day everyone will be together this weekend. I had myself a grand ol’ time last night. So much in fact, I never made it back home. I stayed up until 630am, knowing I had to leave for the Comedy Store at 8am. Needless to say, I grabbed some Starbucks. Today our guest speakers included Bob Zmuda, friend and partner of the late Andy Kaufman and Jack Vaughn, the president of Comedy Central Records who spoke about the evolution of the site. [Read More]
Image of Stand Up Bootcamp – Day 4 recap
Stand Up Bootcamp – Day 4 recap
10:25am- I walk past Louie as I first step into the back rooms of the Comedy Store and he turns and says “Paul Provenza is up right now…” AWESOME!! Paul is a legend and host of Showtime’s “The Green Room with Paul Provenza.” Paul has such a great view of stand up after being in the business for so long. [Read More]
Image of Standup Bootcamp: Day 3
Standup Bootcamp: Day 3
9:45am- My ride got us in a little late. We walk in on a conversation Louie is having with everyone about different contacts around the states in regards to stage time. 10:45am- Jason Moffett is an impromptu guest speaker. The original guest speaker was rescheduled. Jason is attending the bootcamp but has only a passing interest in stand up. He is a very successful online marketer, so he spent a great deal on stage describing different methods of gathering contacts online. [Read More]
Image of Stand-Up Bootcamp – Day 2 recap
Stand-Up Bootcamp – Day 2 recap
9:15 a.m. — Louie [Anderson] immediately begins by talking about anxieties on stage and what happens when your set has completely derailed. He tells the boot-campers that they should own their screw-ups on stage, that that can make all the difference. Louie also said “Stand-up is the expression of your heart at it’s finest. A real comic allows the crowd to feel that much closer to him after listening to him. [Read More]