Lorelei Ramirez (@PileOfTears) on the Absurdity of Twitter and Spilling Her Truth
Lorelei Ramirez is an artist, comedian, performer, filmmaker, and writer based in Brooklyn, New York. She hosts a monthly variety show called NOT DEAD YET at C’mon Everybody every third Sunday of the month, and an experimental sketch comedy show called SLOOP JUMBLY. You can see ... [Read More]
‘Bjork’: My First Favorite Short of 2018
Welcome back, dear readers. Do you already need a break from the grind? Well, do you? Okay, good. Here’s that break. It’s directed by a visionary Lorelei Ramirez, and written with a beautifully insane Peter Mills Weiss. It’s Bjork and it will probably change everything ab... [Read More]
Hanging Out at the Intersection of Comedy and Art with Lorelei Ramirez
New York City has so much comedy that it’s nearly impossible to stand out, especially if all you’re doing is standup. However, some comedians are starting to think outside the stage, and they’re breaking new ground in the process. One such person is Lorelei Ramirez, a comic, actres... [Read More]