Episode #132: Colin Quinn
Colin Quinn is the godfather of contemporary New York city comedy in more ways than one. After his first TV break as the sidekick on the 1980s MTV game show, Remote Control, Quinn helped usher other comedians onto TV as host of Caroline’s Comedy Hour on A&E, then a generation later as host... [Read More]
Colin Quinn, Jerry Seinfeld bring ‘Long Story Short’ to Chicago
“Long Story Short” enjoyed a twice-extended Broadway run and an HBO reprise. Chicago comedy fans will get to see what it’s all about when the stage-show version opens Aug. 24 for a three-week run at the Broadway Playhouse. [Read More]
Colin Quinn Long Story Short Premiers on HBO Saturday
Colin Quinn brings his smash one-man Broadway show to HBO when COLIN QUINN LONG STORY SHORT debuts this Saturday. Taped before a live audience at the Helen Hayes Theater in New York City in February, COLIN QUINN LONG STORY SHORT showcases the comedianʼs keen observations in an uproarious history of the world, juxtaposing modern-day human behavior with the rise and fall of empires. Quinn contrasts grocery shopping with territorial disputes, Platoʼs cave allegory with the World Economic Forum, ... [Read More]
Colin Quinn Long Story Short Will Air on HBO in April
Colin Quinn Long Story Short, the former "SNL" cast member's solo comedy about the rise and fall of the world's greatest empires, will debut April 9 on HBO at 10 PM ET. Encore airings are scheduled for April 14 at 12:05 AM, April 18 at 10:05 PM, April 22 at midnight, April 23 at 4:30 PM and April 26 at 12:40 AM. The cable network filmed Long Story Short in front of a live audience this past February at Broadway's Helen Hayes Theatre. The 75-minute work, directed by Golden Globe Award-winning com... [Read More]
Colin Quinn's "Long Story Short" Extends Run through Feb. 5 | NY Times
“Long Story Short,” the comedian Colin Quinn’s satirical history of the world, directed by Jerry Seinfeld, has been extended. The show began previews on Oct. 22, opened on Nov. 9, and was originally scheduled to close on Jan. 8. It will now run at the Helen Hayes Theater through Feb. 5. [Read More]
We attended Colin Quinn's "Long Story Short" (review) | Shecky Magazine
"Quinn didn’t have to change his style to suit the venue. He still uses the rapid-fire delivery, the sarcasm, the throwaway lines, the swearing (strategically placed F-words)– it’s standup comedy and lots of it, and not some sort of actorly exercise. Quinn doesn’t work up any tears or try to evoke any kind of moments fraught with meaning or try to deliver any heavy messages. At one point, he even busted a couple for coming in late! It’s an hour and fifteen of standup in a fancy setting. " [Read More]
GIVEAWAY | Tickets to Colin Quinn's Long Story Short on Broadway
Hey gang, almost forgot to tell you. We're running TWO great giveaways this weekend. This other one is for a pair of tix to see Colin Quinn's return to Broadway in Long Story Short. Randomly enough, the show is directed by the acclaimed Broadway dire... [Read More]
Win Tickets to Colin Quinn's "Long Story Short" from RooftopComedy
In Long Story Short, Colin Quinn focuses his “articulate brand of comedy” on the demise of empires, including our own. More than standup comedy, Long Story Short is a hilarious blend of incisive observation, sharp commentary, and Colin’s channeling channeling of the personalities of the past. [Read More]
Contest: Win a free pair of tickets to see Colin Quinn on Broadway in "Long Story Short"!
Would you like to see Colin Quinn on Broadway in his latest one-man show, "Long Story Short"? Would you like to see that show for free? Well, you may be in luck. [Read More]
Colin Quinn’s Broadway show may turn into HBO special, says Seinfeld
But why go Broadway instead of, say, an HBO special? Colin turns to Jerry. Jerry leans over to look off-stage. “Can we even talk about that?” he starts. Then he slips, “There might be an HBO special.” [Read More]