Watch LeVar Burton read ‘Go the F*ck to Sleep”
When you were a small child, LeVar Burton taught us all about the wonders of reading on Reading Rainbow. Fast forward to 2014 to one of Burton’s finest moments in storytelling. Taking party in charity telethon Rooster Teeth’s Extra Life 2014, Burton sits down for a live reading of the po... [Read More]
Watch LeVar Burton Do a Live Reading of 'Go the Fuck to Sleep'
by Megh Wright Every '90s kid's favorite book enthusiast LeVar Burton recently participated in a charity telethon, where he made the very charitable donation of a live reading of Adam Mansbach's Go the Fuck to Sleep to a group of grown up Reading Rainbow fans. If you're struggling with insomnia thes... [Read More]
You Don’t Have To Be A Nerd To Enjoy ‘Improvised Star Trek’ (interview)
While I appreciate “Star Trek” (LeVar Burton anyone?) my first thought when friends told me they were doing a podcast and live show called Improvised Star Trek I thought, “Yeah, yeah, yeah… Nerd Fest.” These aren’t just any nerds though. I happen to know that they are all hilarious and smart as hell, which only makes them more hilarious. Knowing this, I went to a show and tuned in for an episode and no surprise to me, loved it. And so do 1000’s of others, with a fan base that keeps on growing. ... [Read More]