Kevin Avery parodies his own Wells Fargo corporate video for HBO’s Last Week Tonight with John Oliver
Aspiring comedians often take whatever commercial gigs or corporate work they can as they're trying to pay the bills and move up the show business ladder. And sometimes, those "before they were famous" gigs come in handy when they do make it bigger. Like last night on HBO's Last Week Tonight with Jo... [Read More]
Kevin Avery and Greg Bro release video from “Thugs, The Musical”
Comedian Kevin Avery and animator Greg Bro announce the release of their animated music video “Drive-By”. Bro, a veteran animator, was inspired to create an animated music video for Avery’s song “Drive-By” from his Award-Winning short film, Thugs, The Musical. Bro&rsquo... [Read More]
CC:Studio’s development slate for 2015, and why you should care more about it
Comedy Central announced its latest development slate for webseries via CC:Studios, which has become more vital as a pipeline to TV this year as two previous CC:Studios projects -- This Is Not Happening and Idiotsitter -- have made or are making the leap from YouTube to boob tube. “I am sincer... [Read More]
Everything you need to know about W. Kamau Bell, in his own words; those of his “Totally Biased” writers
The first of six episodes of FX's newest talk show, Totally Biased with W. Kamau Bell, premieres tonight. Some of the promotional clips have executive producer Chris Rock and others asking, "Who is W. Kamau Bell?" [Read More]
Watch the trailer for Kevin Avery’s ‘Thugs, The Musical’ with David Alan Grier, Margaret Cho
With compelling musical numbers like “Who’s That Keepin’ It Real,” “Drive-By” and “Oh No She Di-in’t,” how is it you’ve likely never heard of the smash hit stage show Thugs, The Musical? Well, for one. I lied. It’s... [Read More]
Kevin Avery talks about Kickstarter-ing his short film, "Thugs, The Musical"
Kevin Avery talks about joining the Kickstarter site looking to raise $10,000 to turn part of his stand-up comedy routine into a short film called Thugs, The Musical. Avery is more than 80% of the way there with 10 days remaining in his fund-raising window. [Read More]
Ask a Comic: Kevin Avery - RooftopComedy Interview
California comic and Space Cowboy, Kevin Avery, is UC Santa Barara's headlining comedian for this year's National College Comedy Competition. [Read More]